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We love dize difference in this house! And the story is really sweet also talking about the insecurities or complications that can come with it. It's a cute read and really hot dynamic between Jabin and Duri

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your thoughtful comment! These two were super fun to write. ❤


I bought this comic recently and AM IN LOVEEEEEEEEEE with it. I’ve seen DCS’s “gummy and dr edwin” series and am just such a big fan of their work. Keep up the great work!



I saw 'Yarrow Valley' online somehow and realized you worked on it! I remembered reading your comic on Tapas and didn't know you had an! So glad I've found you again, and with a lot more art to enjoy~

I put a link to my Itchio under ever new Tapas update I have but people just seem to ignore it 😂💦 But yes! I've got a LOT more art here so thanks for checking it out!