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I'm curious, will there be any more chapters or pages at all/in general?

Nope! This story is completed! That's why it's called the "Complete Collection"! ;]


I would try and give something very profound… insightful… yadda yadda yadda… but everytime I open up this comic and its bonus contents again I get completely engrossed in just how good it is. Four separate chapters all with different ways of getting a naga to blow his awesome boyfriend’s cock up for starters!!! The variety!! And even just!!! The poses too!??!! Can we talk about how awesome all the poses are; to have visual aid in that regard alone makes this purchase worth it because it opened me up to soooo many different ways to describe nagas and their positions in stories I like to create.

Nagas have always been THE favorite thing of mine. One way or another I hit my favorite characters with a nagafication beam or I fall in love with the OCs of others, or my own. Naveen is no exception, he is fine as hell. I would greatly desire a night alone with him, the dude knows how to get under people’s skin (lovingly) and still be super giddy/tender with his sensual reactions and I love it sooooo much. The amount of times I have read this comic and it’s other stuff, over and over, never getting tired of my favorite parts and always madly blushing and feeling like I’m going to die from how much my heart is swelling it’s so euphoric. I’ve literally lost count.

More people need to be exposed to this comic. So many naga fans are missing out on the magnum opus of two silly queer men getting it on its like a… a great big bubble of perfection. And I am always gonna continue obsessing over Naveen and oh my god can I talk about the squeeze little mini comic too what the hell. So good. So erotic. Like sure getting a naga to plow you out is amazing as is but ooooh people don’t use the coils sensually enough ooooooo it’s such a missed opportunity that is USED here to the fullest in just five pages my god. I love the squeezing so much, for a moment I felt like I was the one being constructed too. Got me flapping my hands and giggling to myself, now I want to do a fic of some good naga squeezes. It just really ropes you in. All of it does, the written illustration too was a very fun bonus surprise. 

Not only was this my introduction into the insanely talented and various erotic media DCS does but wooooow it is probably my favorite. But that’s totally because of bias! I love my snake men to death,,, the silly noodle dudes,,, I am happy to add Naveen to my bucket list of snake men that should give me many kisses <3. The physical book is guarded with all my life I will protect that thing forever with the rest of my fanart/original art book binder. If you excuse me,,, I gotta,,, go back to daydreaming over how amazing MMIAN and everything in it is ahaha.

Aw, thanks so much for your super in depth comment-- I appreciate it! This comic seems to be how most people find my work (even though it's years old now and has been completed for a while) and I still am flattered folks find it as endearing as they seem to do. It's def a little feather in my hat and I'm glad folks like you can come back to it and keep enjoying it. Don't really know what else to say-- just happy to read your comment and happy to hear you like Naveen so much! Have an awesome day!


My first DCS story and still very much my favorite. It's tender, love filled and incredibly sensual! I can't imagine anything more beautiful than the way Naveen talks to Klaus 💞 if you have the time, this a must read for my fellow soft love and intimate sex enjoyers!

Thank you! I'm still amazed and flattered by how many people find me through this work specifically! There must be something about it...