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I LOVED THIS, THE ENDING MADE ME CRY ;---------------------; The color palette is so nice!! I loved that feeling of wanting to leave your hometown and that call of adventure. I can't wait to see what happens next to Lee!! 

OH!!! I'M HONORED!!! I'm so glad it could make you cry haha that's always the biggest compliment <3

Can't wait to show you EVERYTHING that happens to our wild boy, Lee! *V*

What a fantastic game!  From the color palette to the backgrounds, it was truly a feast for the eyes!  The story flowed really smoothly and the world seems quite interesting as well!  I am really looking forward to playing more! <3

Aaah! Thank you buddy// I appreciate that so much!

I'M SUPER LOOKING FORWARD TO THE NEXT ONE (and making more music for the series heheh), i'm just so interested in the world and where things will go from here! the designs in this are awesome too, i especially like how the whole family is the same colors except for lee. AND THE OUTFITS ARE SO GREAT!! you set up a whole world so fast in one little story... and knowing the later ones will be even better is killing me, i need more nowwwwwww!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!

UUU!! Thank you so much again Nami for the AMAZING soundtrack! It's so amazing!

I can't wait to show off this world to you and I'M SO GLAD YOU NOTICED THE DESIGN THING, HEHE!!! <3

wonderful!!!! such a joy to play and such an awesome aesthetic, plus nami's soundtrack is perfect!! can't wait for more!! ;o;

UWAH!!! Thank you so much buddy/// The future ones will hopefully be even more fun! *V*