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🧚🏾 The title of this zine says it all-- this is a zine about being small! πŸ§šβ€β™‚οΈ

This zine is for mature readers ONLY (18+) and
includes ONLY mature characters (18+)

About the Zine:

Sizeplay is a very huge and varied interest, so the term sizeplay/microphilia, can mean a lot of things. For this zine, however; we've focused on the small side of things; rather than the big! This is more focused towards things like fairies interacting with orcs, a smaller race of humanoids (like halflings) interacting with big hunky ladies, or something as simple as someone being shrunk down to the cute size of a doll.

This zine is NOT focused on giantess/giant content, or anything to do with crushing. This zine is absolutely violence free.

πŸ”– The PDF is 68 pages and includes 5 full comics and 2 extra illustrations.

Contents include: Being very small (of course), general goofiness, oral sex, penetrative sex, sex pollen, power play, group sex, m/m, w/w, w/m and non-binary characters!

About the Artists:

--DCS,  Zine coordinator, Comic Artist
One day DCS thought, β€œDang, I’d really like to make a zine about small cuties getting frisky with big cuties! I wonder if anyone would help me out with that?” and here we are.

18+ Twitter 🌷 Tumblr πŸŒ· Patreon

--Nightingalelost, Comic Artist
If you look into your home, you will find a friend and a girl. (And also me stealing all your cats.)

DeviantArtπŸ¦‰ Twitter πŸ¦‰ Twitch

--Ras (Ras Art)  Comic Artist
Heard the call of the cute smalls and came a shufflin'.

Instagram βš—οΈ Twitter βš—οΈ Patreon

--Rainie (Rainynie) Comic Artist
I’ve always loved to make content about my characters so I thought "Why not make more for this zine!"

Twitter 🎎 Tumblr 🎎 DeviantArt

--Sal, Comic Artist
Artist.  Writer.  Weirdo.  Possibly actually 83 salamanders in a child-sized trench coat.
A fan of fantasy, sci-fi and making comics.  This bio was not written by a salamander hopping on a keyboard.

Furaffinity πŸ‘½ Twitter

--Lady Greyfist, Illustrator
I really wanted to dive deeper into NSFW as an artist and grow my portfolio there. I'm excited to celebrate love in all flavors, shapes and, ESPECIALLY SIZES!

Twitter πŸ•―οΈ Tumblr πŸ•―οΈ Furaffinity

All profits for the zines go directly to the artists above, so your purchases are all very much appreciated! From all of us to you, thank you!


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Just read it- loved everything! Great variety of stories with an awesome uniting theme of being small.

Thanks so much and we're so happy to hear you liked it! <3