Volume 2 of the Illustration Collection is here, AND a new special Satine collection!

Hey all!

I just uploaded 2 new PDFs to this page. The first of the Vol.2 of the Solanaceae Illustrations, and the second is a special collection of Satine related images! It's all Satine, all the time.

Both have a lot more recent images, especially the Satine one, and there's a bit of overlap when it comes to images of Satine too, so be warned of that. The 2nd collection has a lot more to do with just our main cast, while the Satine collection you will see a LOT of crossover with other people's characters, as Satine likes to get around!

Thanks for your support everyone! I hope you'll consider checking out either PDF! 


Solanaceae Illustration Collection, Vol.2 - R-18 (40 Pages) 43 MB
Apr 05, 2020
Satine Illustration Collection, Vol.1 - R-18 (54 Pages) 63 MB
Apr 05, 2020

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