Updated file types to PDF!

Finally updated all the .rar files on this project to be PDFs! This makes them easier to store on your computer and most importantly, makes them mobile/tablet compatible. Enjoy!


Franny Solo Drawings R18 PDF (88 Pages) 58 MB
Nov 09, 2023
Franny and Leif Drawing Collection R18 PDF (45 Pages) 41 MB
Nov 09, 2023

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Hi, sorry to bother, but in the Franny Solo pdf, page 36 is weirdly corrupted?  The bottom half looks glitchy for whatever reason.  Sorry, I hope this isn't too difficult to fix, thanks.

(also, page 8 is super small, tho I wasn't sure if that was just because of the original file size or was another technical issue)

(2 edits)

Ope, I don't have a working version of the PDF when I thought I did! XoX So, this fix is gonna take a second to go up.

Also yes, some of the images are small because I used to draw pretty tiny back in the day, but it could also be an error. I'll check. Thanks!

EDIT: No idea why page 8 is small, it shouldn't be!

But, I do have the non-corrupted version of Page 36 up online to show: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/34884400/

Thx!  Keep up the great work!