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Sal, a thief, concocts a get rich quick scheme to try and make Battam, a witch, fall in love with him.
But upon learning more about his seemingly stupid target, Sal starts experiencing feelings he’s never had before and must make a decision between money or love.

MIM, romance, pinning, enemies to friends to lovers, adult themes but no nudity. UPDATES ONCE WEEKLY.

This page will eventually contain PDFs for the Solanaceae: Prologue comic-- but for now it will serve as a hub for my followers here to read the comic.

The comic is currently ongoing and can be read at the links below:

Smackjeeves -- Tapas -- Webtoons

You can also support the comic AND always be a page ahead of public updates, by pledging to the Patreon! Pledge here!

Thanks, and see you soon! 🥞

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