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I can not seem to find the game on mobile. I tried looking up your user, but it wont come up :(

Android version is in the downloads of this page. Just click "download now" and you can choose the file. You can also go to this link:

This game does NOT have support for iphones.

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I'm using the translator, sorry if I spelled it wrong!

Hi, it must be very strange to come here talking out of nowhere but I wanted to ask for some help.

I discovered your work recently and I'm loving it! It's serious it's been a long time since I've seen great games and stories, but there's a game that I loved a lot, it was Tomai, I just loved everything lol, all the endings the sounds are very perfect!!

The story of the characters, their childhood, all of this is simply inexplicable, everything they went through and go through every day is really impressive, you learned and still do a job with great dedication, always making an effort and always leaving it beautiful, it could say a lot good thing here because it is a job that is done with a lot of love.

So I wanted to congratulate you for having done this beautiful work in 3 months and also for the work you do and will still do, I hope that eventually there will be new games, stories, fan arts and lots of news ..

But there's one thing that made me sad and apparently some other people were the r-18 version, who couldn't play, I'm one of those people, I've been looking for 5 hours how to play, but I never get it, only folders and more folders appear !I wanted to know how I can play this version because I'm finding Tomal very cool and I don't want to stop seeing if I know I can see more, could you give me any tips to be able to play this version? Please!

Remembering that I'm Android Then it gets more difficult for me, I apologize for the inconvenience and congratulations again for the effort

I forgot to mention that I'm sorry Tomal didn't give you money :(, but I'm sure you'll find other ways to earn money :D

The burdoc is perfect, beautiful, wonderful, I love it

Thanks for your comment!
I've never heard of people having problems like this with the R-18 version or Android version from this page. But, I think you're downloading the wrong file! 

The android version (when downloaded to your phone) should not show folders at all. It is a .apk file which is an executable file and should contain no "folders" when accessed from your phone.

-Be on your phone
-Download file named Tomai (ANDROID version) from this page on to your phone
-Wait for it to install
-Play it!

That should be it. If you're having other issues, I won't be able to help you since it is difficult to understand your problem and I'm not good with trouble shooting. (Sorry) But, you should post your question in your own language and hope that someone here can help you in the future.

Thanks for your support! Bye!

Thanks so much for explaining!! now i'll be able to play, i just didn't understand how to download folders lol

Again, there are no folders unless you're on a laptop or desktop. (Never on a phone.) No idea what you're talking about there, sorry.

As a polyam monster lover I...couldn't possibly feel more catered to! It hurt to get the bad endings, I almost gave up on full completion just cuz I got too sad! I love the boys ๐Ÿ’ž

hello, I'm a Brazilian, I played this game now that I had it in Portuguese, I totally fell in love with the game and characters, I can't stop thinking about it every day, I got its amazing story and its development, so far I've only done half of the finals, I loved the extra scenes of the game, I found burdoc a cat so I went to search for images +18 of him (it's not my fault if he's a hottie), with that I found out that the creator of the game himself is an NSFW creator I was extremely happy, I discovered the comics, other games, your works on the pornhu website, and I also learned that this game has scenes +18, but unfortunately the download placed here to download the +18 version for android didn't work, and it's like the one from the play store, I would like to know when you will update this and if you will update this, I love your work I follow you on social media and thank you very much for making me such a beautiful game for free, it's been a while since I felt so passionate about a series, game , anyway ok g for brightening my day. (if something is written wrong I'm sorry, I'm using google translator to write in English)

I love love love TOO MUCH this game thanks for it!!!!!


Hello! Thanks so much for your kind comment!

Yes, the mobile build here not having the R18 content was a mistake on my part that only recently people informed me of-- whoops! I'm just forgetful, sorry about that.

But, at current, the mobile build is having problems. It may never be updated because of them. :(
People play Tomai, they like it, but they do not often support me. I get 0 money from this game, and what's worse is that people check out Tomai and then stop-- they don't check out more of my comics or my games, which hurts me almost MORE than the money thing. It's really difficult to keep investing time in a project where I get zero back.

So, all I can say for now is hold tight. Them mobile build might be fixed, or it might come down forever. Sorry!

Hi! thanks for answering, I was even euphoric with joy, it took me a while to answer because my cell phone ended up ruining it. It's great to see that you, who have such a good game and such good work, respond to my person, I'm so happy. It's sad if the update doesn't occur, but it's understandable, I think what I can do for you is keep seeing your contents, which are very good, even, but I take it, even though there may not be an update, it's still a game that marked me, And I will never forget how this game made me feel. Thank you so much for this BEAUTIFUL game!!! :)) 

The update is coming soon! Thank you for waiting, I am one person taking care of a lot of projects right now, so it just takes me some time. Have an awesome day!

Thank youuuu!!! (Sorry im too late)๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚

Mobile version should be fixed now!


Of course! Hope you enjoy!

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I love this game!! <3<3  

And I'm looking forward to playing it when I have the R-18 version of it for mobile, as it doesn't have the R-18 option on the mobile version :(

Who said the mobile version didn't have the R-18? It's the *Google Play* version that doesn't have R-18, nothing here on this page has been removed, unless somehow I fucked up, LOL. You should be able to download the mobile version here and play the R-18 stuff, assuming you're over 18, of course! โœŒ

but it's not showing up in itchio's version either ;-;

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Sorry about that! Looks like it's just a mistake on my part and nobody had brought it up until now!

Some stuff probably just got mixed up when I was putting up some translations, it happens sometimes! I make no money off this game, and folks don't usually support my other work even if they like this game, so it's hard to keep updated with it. :S Thanks for your patience!

The game is gonna get an update within the next few months to fix some compatibility issues, so it'll be fixed then. Follow my page and you'll get the alert when it goes up.

I really like your work and I hope it gets much more recognition! :D and thanks for replying! โœจ

Thank you! I appreciate that! (I assume this means you've read my comics and stuff-- thank you! It means a lot!)

Thanks for bringing this up, it's def a thing I want to fix soon. I'll try to remember to remind you when it happens!

This version should be fixed now! Thanks for originally bringing this to my attention and for being patient with me.

you're welcome <3

So cool

I love this creators art work this just brought it up to a new level

Aw, well thanks! Considering this project is one of my older ones now, I'm glad it still resonates!

Hello! absolutely loved the game, and was wondering if you were looking for some translators. I could translate the game to italian, along with the rest of your works (like one eyed lee, which i also adored.)

Yep! I'm always looking for translators-- but, to be perfectly honest with you, right now, my budget is pretty strapped for game dev!
You can still send me an e-mail at if you wanna work with me in the future, and I can save your information: but I won't be buying anymore translations for Tomai (the game makes me no money, so buying translations just isn't a great money decision for me) or any translations in general until my budget for games recovers. Thanks so much! And I'm glad you liked the game!

oh, sure! I'll email asap!

A beautiful game! I want to say I've just only now come across your work and I'm a big fan! Everything is so well done and the characters are beautifully laid out for the player! Nsfw ornot, I find everything very enjoyable!!! I'm glad I came upon your work, and I hope to see more!! <3 

Thanks! If you like Tomai, the rest of my work will likely be right up your alley, so don't be shy in checking out my archive!

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This is the best visual novel game I've ever played hands down.

The sad part is that I know there won't ever be any community made content (because 1. its mostly an erotic game, and 2. the audience is small and 3. its over 2 years old now.)

It gets even sadder when you realize that there won't be a sequel, more comics, or anything else. Everything on this page is all you get. I loved every bit of content on this game. The extra stories, the R-18 and SFW versions, the 8 endings, my favorite was the obviously main canon story point Boyfriends one. As much as I hope and wish for more content, there won't be any.

Even though your writing and the other developers writing may be different, I'd love to see your version of this story! Even if its obviously not the exact same style.

Hello! Thanks so much for playing, and liking, Tomai! I appreciate hearing from you!

It's always a little difficult to respond to messages like this, because I've been getting messages like this for a while. (So much so I had to write up a whole post about how/why I can't make a Tomai sequel, etc etc) In general, I wish folks who liked Tomai would check out my other work! Because, I have a lot of it! You're highly likely to find something you like just as much as Tomai in my huge ass archive, especially if you like my own writing style! (I recommend One-Eyed Lee and Solanaceae for Tomai likers!)
But, I understand that Tomai is a very special thing for folks. It's a special thing to me too.

So, all that in mind: there are other people who are in your exact scenario. Folks who like the game and want more, want to talk about it with others. Saying there "won't ever be any community made content" is writing off yourself *and* other people who enjoy the work, I think. I've never stopped anyone from making fan content, and in this case, fan content would be *easier* for folks to make than it would be for me to make "canon" content, for a lot of the reasons. (See: that whole post I made.)
There are absolutely people who are into Tomai, and there are absolutely people who I bet wanna make fan content, but y'all just haven't found each other yet. ๐Ÿค” If you were to tweet on an account and ask me to signal boost you to help you find other Tomai fans, I'd do it! I'm happy to help get something like that started, so don't write yourself or other fans off so soon. Work gets lots and fans well beyond it's release date because of how internet archiving and other things work, the future has ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES.

A few other minor points:
-Tomai *does* have more content, like a few illustrations/etc, you just have to be a $5 Patron of mine to see it.
-Same thing goes for finding out a little bit of what happens in the future for these boys, I wrote some of it down in that post I mention.
-Tomai is well, WELL over 2 years old. It originally came out in 2017! โœจ

Forgive me if I'm coming off as harsh, I promise I'm not trying to be and I'm not mad or annoyed, but mostly trying to be firm because I've done this song and dance a lot. (Eventually, I'll just have to stop replying to folks, I guess.) Thanks again for your time and comment!

Wow, thank you for this quick response. I will definitely check out those games! 

I genuinely had no idea about how old this game was. It really seems like a newer game, but its obviously much deeper than that.

The main reason why I'm so attracted to this game is for the characters mainly. They remind me of an old web comic series that was wiped off the face of the internet a few years ago.

For now, I'll check out your other content and see what I like. If I don't find anything that particularly fancies me I will search out for other Tomai fans like a transformer floating through the cosmos (except much easier and on the infinite span of the internet.)

Don't be sorry about seeming harsh. It seems like you really liked this game and wanted to do more but you just couldn't.

Signing off,

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(Hello, hope you're patient enough to read this because its gonna get long, but I swear its a nice read! [I hope lol])
So first things first I'd like to thank the gods for allowing me to come across this game, and thank the creator for having such an amazing idea! This is the first time I've had any contact with the work of DarkChibiShadow, and after playing this I went around following them in every social media and reading all of their other projects because everything is just so good and I feel so happy to have access to all of this for free!! Can't wait til I can actually support the creator overtime and give them all my money. No, seriously. Prepare your wallet, for I am coming.

Now onto the actual review, the game is simple, but very fun! The music is also so chill and positive, though I would have liked an extra track with a bit of a lower-sounding vibe to it for the private moments. The happy music when the characters are going at it doesnt exacly feel in-place lol (though I do admit this was only my first impression. All the music did end up growing on me overtime). Now, at first I wondered if the 15 days premise would end up getting repetitive, but I was very happy (and sad) to notice that nothing like that happened! In fact, I've come to love all of these characters so much that just the content in this game is simply not enough for my over-indulgent, obsessive brain! The story is pretty to the point, the setting feels comfy in an almost homey way, as if living your life in this village would have a vibe of "we dont got much, but we're still happy" and everyday feels like summer break. 

The characters are lovely, the playable character Tomai is pretty well fleshed-out and even deep, even if the game doesn't give us enough time to discover everything about him (I've even thought up some silly little theories of my own), seeing him growing as a person throughout the different routes, no matter which path you chose, is very satisfying. Also I cant EVER lose the oportunity to comment on how beautiful I think Tomai is. Seriously, so many shots of him are social-media-icon worth, its simply crazy. Might as well be one of the prettiest 2D humans I've ever laid eyes upon.

His dad feels very close to what a real, "I want you to suceed but we're from different generations and not everything between us will always be clear" parental figure acts like, with his worry about if Tomai will actually manage to be responsible enough to take care of this village he loves so much. Their situation at first is quite frustrating to watch, but seeing them grow into a healthier relationship overtime was surely one of the most satisfying moments of this game.

The Lady scared me, at first, with everything about her being so misterious, but ends up that she's a very fun and friendly person! Her route was super satisfying, having a new friend join the group felt so nice and fun and the way the other boys warmed up to her quickly was also just as adorable. And speaking of them..

I've gotta say, Malik is probably my new 2D crush. He's tentacle-y, he's soft, he's cheeky, he's got hair over his eyes (favorite design trope), and voicing him while playing was the most fun part, because his little beak gives me the feeling that he'd have somewhat of a lisp when speaking, and honestly that's the cutest headcannon I've come up with for this cast (my apologies if speaking about headcannons may seem like I'm intruding or is disrespectful, I'm not sure of your opinion on these). Seeing the game through his lenses during those "extra stories" session felt sooo satisfying, with the way you could see more clearly how he's got a very no filter, risky personality, prefering to go for it before even being sure if he's actually reading the room right, but still cares enough to hesitate and quietly start questioning himself if he's doing the right thing when the boys dont seem too sure either of whats going on. He just cares so much for his friends and seeing all of their diferent dynamics is very heart-warming. At this point I've got pretty much all of his line memorized from how much I've played his route (and Burdoc's route just for the extra scenes of him, as sad as they make me feel).

Now last but hopefully not least, Burdoc is a cutie big ol' croc who's just a enormous pile of nerves, always so anxious and worried about messing up, but still so attached to his two favorite people in town. Even if sometimes he may feel like he cant keep up with them, it doesn't bring him down and he's always trying his best to stay positive! And obviously, its not like the boys would let him just isolate himself and get rid of them so easily lol. That backstory moment on the DLCs when he "came back hot" was hilarious and seeing the boys absolutely DYING over him was amazing and super cute. His moments in his safe-space of 'producing art to calm himself' was also a very big 'mood' moment and pretty realistic for a lot of people that face stuff like anxiety, which he seems to deal with himself. Boy just needs a hug. I loved seeing him acting a bit more free-y during the extra stories, on those tiny moments of him and Malik fighting for dumb reasons, and his bursts of courage when kissing the squid boy and yelling a certain truth out loud unexpectantly. Wish we'd have more to do with him during the first few days rather than just go around looking for a mango tbh, as cute as his happy face was when finally getting to eat it.

Overall, this is one of my favorite games, and even having heard of what happened behind the scenes, I still hold the hope that one day a sequel may come out, or anything that lets us experience this world one more time, with lots of fun and hot moments to see from these cute boyfriends. Working on something that doesn't give much back must be unmotivating, I cant say I know what that feels like, but even so, I hope that one day you'll be comfortable enough financially so that perhaps you'll be able to give it a thought with a little more room to breathe. This story is so passionate, that thinking about a bright future ahead for it really makes me smile the widest. Hope I can be one of the people to motivate you into continuing your amazing projects. Have a good day if you're reading this DCS, and the best of wishes for you and every person close!
(PS: btw I'm posting this after inpulse-buying everything available on this page at 1h40 in the morning and honestly this might as well be the happiest day of my year. If you're questioning wether you should buy all these books...don't even question it. Just go go go its super super worth it especially for the extra bits of information and new art you cant see outside of Patreon! [Which, btw, I totally still plan to pledge to. Can't wait for everything I'll find on that gold mine.]).

Hi! Firstly, thanks a ton for your super thoughtful review, I really appreciate it! It was really nice to read your thoughts and always fun to have an in depth review like this featured on the page. ^u^9

Secondly, I hope you'll enjoy my other work just as much-- as I've always got new stuff coming and feel really happy with some of my current work. (If you feel like it, I'd love to hear your thoughts on other stories too, and see how they compare for you with Tomai.)

Lastly, yes, what happened with this game really stinks and I still don't think a sequel is viable for a lot of reasons-- despite me having a lot of ideas. The biggest one simply being that, I didn't write the bulk of Tomai. (Arcade Party did.) So, a sequel would fundamentally be a different tone and thusly, I think a huge disappointment for a lot of people. AP was a masterclass in keeping things subtle and drawing out the tension in a scene-- my work has a lot of emotion too, but it's starkly different. (Even you picked up on this by commenting on how some of the DLC felt "different"-- it's because I wrote most of the extra stories all by myself. You aren't the first to notice this!)
The other big issue is that I can never monetize this first game: so the second game would *have* to be something people pay for, and I do not feel great about about monetizing a story that someone else helped me develop so heavily where I cannot consult them. (AP has long since ghosted me. Haven't heard from them in years.) Something about it feels off and wrong.

I think Tomai as it is, is fun and something I'm proud of. For something we made in less than 3 months, I think it's done incredibly well for itself and is still an awesome starting point for folks to find more of my work, and for that, I'm VERY grateful. So, I think letting sleeping dogs lie on this one is okay, sometimes a story doesn't need more and what you come up with in your head is probably *way* more exciting than what I would have done with the story anyways. 

Thanks again and have an awesome day!


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Awow wow wow wow-- I was half expecting you to respond, but didn't think it'd be so quick! Don't know if flattery's of any use here, but I did always find it amazing how you seemed to always find time to respond to every comment and thank people for every piece of fanart. Seriously, do you even breath anymore?! There just seems to always be so much stuff you work on in a single week that I cant even imagine how fast your schedule must move through lol.

Now in regards to your response-- Again, you've probably heard this a million times before, but- Damn. Seeing you talking to other people about the problems Tomai as a future project would be was pretty sad, but hearing it directly from the source is way more of a shock. Even if trying to think of possible alternates, any way for you to share with us those ideas you've got, (Which I'm super super curious to hear about by the way!) its still a very big risk to just go in and try to do something like this without even being sure of how your public may react to it, if they'll even be dissapointed in the first place. I mean, they're here for your writing, the stuff you make, so even if the story would potentially end up being drastically different, it's not like it'd be much of a problem! Time passes, people change. We've got the basis of the story down, even without AP here, everyone can understand the general vibe of the characters and it wouldn't be too difficult to go on from there. The whole visual aspect of it also truly helps "blending in" the difference in writing styles. I wouldnt have realized the characters were acting different on the DLCs if I hadn't seen you comment about it. In a perfect world where everyone takes the story's shift super well, I'd be more than happy to buy a copy of that game and I'm sure a lot of people would too! (Or maybe keep up with something like a comic series!! Honestly just the thought of getting to see these characters in something of a similar layout to Solanaceae makes me drool-- the way you organize the pannels on your pages is my favorite thing about your comic style!!)

But regardless, even just knowing what you think of for these babes will make my day. Finding new art of them, or their names written on a silly instagram christmas post, or just that thumbnail with Malik's face on the Patreon March update post, are enough to make me smile so so so wide!! (Btw almost had a heart attack at that Malik icon, his face looks super adorable and that might've just beem the last push I needed to give a try at your secret club access pledge. Gotta look at all the Tomai art my eyes can take!). Just knowing you haven't forgotten about them and still think about them/consider them part of your body of work, even if more towards the back than more recent stuff? Just that's a pretty good feeling too.

And moving on from that- honestly I'd be happy to take you up on that offer of yours!! Speaking in-depth about projects I'm currently invested in is surely one of the things I do the easiest, fr, I've probably easily spent over 15 hours already speaking of nothing but Tomai for the past week. Its a deep passion. Don't know how much your schedule can take something like a chatting buddy, but if you're truly interested on my thoughts and analysis, and since I'm super duper interested in your own ideas as well- Honestly it'd be perfect if we were to talk more! A dream, even.

Thank you for your time and have a good day!!

Aha! Thank you! Truth be told, I've been a little overwhelmed with just how many more comments I'm getting lately (this applies to comments that aren't on Itchio too) and I've had to exercise *not* replying to all of them since it can eat into my work time pretty significantly. But uh, it does help this stuff is my full time job and that I work way, way too much, oops.

Anyways, it is interesting to think people are here generally for *my* writing, but the truth is, if folks are fans of just Tomai, they're here for AP's writing. ๐Ÿ’ฆ Because many people simply play Tomai and don't ever move on to other work I'm involved with (and that's fine) but to them, I'm just the "person who made Tomai" and nothing else, but uh, it's not exactly true, is it? I'm just one of two people who made it. The other, really important half is gone! But, I do think you bring up other good points that it being visual helps things blend in, etc etc. (Though, none of this addresses the potential legal problems of me selling a sequel to a game or comic where I don't have the rights from someone who originally worked on that thing and actually *made* one of the characters entirely. The Lady wasn't in my original idea for the story, that's all AP. That's the kind of creative stuff they added. So like, do I still use her? Can I *legally* even use her? It's all a mess.)

I really do feel for folks who want more Tomai (tbh I wish folks would consider making fanfic or other fan content, since they're free to) but yeah, it's just not as viable as it first may seem. I do plan on writing a pretty finalizing post about why there won't be any more Tomai (for the time being. If AP ever re-appeared and gave me their blessings, well uh, that'd be a totally different thing) but it'll only be shared on my Patreon at the $5 tier because I want to keep some of the ideas I had more private just in case, but also not to get people's hopes up.

The Secret Club has a whole section for Tomai which includes extra illustrations and doodles, and I have a small amount of merch as well-- there are some pretty die hard fans of it out there, and I try my best to support them while also focusing on stuff I'm super into at the moment. (Which is Solanaceae and Gummy and The Doctor)

Forgive me if I wasn't clear, I more so meant I'd love to see more reviews from you on the actual pages of each project because (as you may have noticed) most of my projects here are lacking in longer or more thoughtful/critical reviews, and having public reviews and more comments really does help and is also just really fun to read. Unfortunately, right now I don't really have time for any chatting buddies, PLUS, I tend to be rather grouchy in private right now since I'm experimenting with a few different medications. (AKA, I'm just kind of going through it mentally right now and am not always great to talk to atm.)

BUT, I'm always happy to respond to comments publicly (something about the nature of, "I can get back to this when I have time" helps a lot) and will read anything you post, even if I don't have the chance to reply. ๐ŸŒท

Tbh you do have a point, people who dont move onto your other stuff do feem like they're mostly here for someone else's stuff, and the legal side of things really isnt something to joke about. Can't say I know how that must feel, but I'll make sure to show just as much love to as many of your projects as I can here on!! I've already compulsively read and played everything Solanaceae (Battam is a real diva, everything about that smile of his brightens up my day) and Space School. Seeing your art develop through that last one was also super great!! Really motivates starting artists like me. 

Since you've mentioned fan content, me and a friend of mine have beem going through this Tomai wave together, and we've been thinking of doing some fan stuff of it! (Actually its mostly them since Im really not much of a writer, but I'll still make lots of art!! The info on the Art Book surely helped with some ideas for world-building). He's talking about learning english just to be able to publish this, so hope you'll be able to read it when its done!

Really nice talking to you today Dc, you have no idea how much better you made my entire week with all this attention, I really cant stop smiling! You're very patient and gentle to everyone you talk to, so as a person and an artist, I'll be delighted to continue supporting you from now on and for as long as we both keep it going!! ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ

(Oh, last thing before I forget, I did go through your store looking for Tomai stuff a few days back, and realized the mini-print has a misplaced description. It's the same as the one on the One-eyed Lee mini-print, don't know if its supposed to be a placeholder or just a mistake, but I thought it'd be good to tell ya about it anyways just in case its the later, it could be confusing for people looking into getting that adorable print! (Aka me. I need it. It will be mine.) ๐ŸŒธ

Yeah, the legal stuff is really where it gets like, "Do I really want to gamble so much for just the potential of something doing well?" Haha!

Thanks so much for checking out my other work! Solanaceae in particular is super close to my heart and the upcoming game for it is really shaping up to be something fun for fans, I think. (And, I think the way the story will ultimately end once the comic and big games is all done is going to be a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to it.)

I'd be SUPER happy to check out anything you make involving the Tomai boys, and more than happy to share it around socials and the like too. I adore fan work (especially fan fiction) and will absolutely check it out. It's so fun to hear both you and a friend are into Tomai together-- that really made my day to read!

Thank you for your kind words and thoughtfulness, it really does mean a lot to me and I really do hope you'll continue to enjoy my stuff, as I've always got something new lined up. And hey! Thanks for letting me know about the print, that was just a little mistake from how stuff works on the back end on my store, WHOOPSIE. It's fixed now!

can someone give me a guide for all of the ending??

You can buy the guide for $1 by donating when you download the game and help support the game! Thanks!

i havent played the game *yet* but i clicked on here because the game looked interesting and the art style seemed familiar... then i went onto your page and realized you're the person who made solanaceae! cool! i will play it soon

oh! so rare that someone knows solanaceae before my other work!! thank you! i think if you like my comic work / other stuff, tomai will be right up your alley! it's a fan favorite!

I absolutely love this game. I really enjoyed finding all the endings and all the dialogue. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized it was a poly relationship especially because of how smooth it all played out; it didn't feel forced or fake either. I loved the extra too. It was nice seeing a bit their childhood and them coming out as a couple.

Hey! Thank you!

I often forget how *not* advertised the polyam part of this game is here on Itchio (it's only mentioned in the tags) because I've had to be so explicit with it on other platforms because folks would complain elsewhere ๐Ÿ˜ฑ So, it's always nice to be reminded that the community here is more often just, pleasantly surprised! So happy to read your comic and so glad to hear you liked the game!

It was all so cute and wholesome I loved all the routes except the ones where one got neglected :((. 

The writing was so good that making the choices to go that route and seeing it unfold made me feel really sad and guilty. I swear, while watching the confrontation all that was running in my mind was, "omggg I just ruined a great friendship why did I do this :((" so great job!!

Thanks! So glad you liked it!

Really enjoyed playing this~ The main game was well put together, I really enjoyed the art, and while it didn't go into great depth with any one character (not a surprise, being a GJ entry), there was enough to it to get me caring about them and what happened - and to get me interested enough that I went through and got every ending. The single-minded ending in particular really was a gut-punch, and made it clear that yeah, I really didn't want these boys to be sad.

The extra stories REALLY took it to a whole extra level though - having the time to let the guys slow down and be themselves, to give the player a chance to really get to know more about them (and the support cast!), makes so much difference. Seeing them with fully-realised, three-dimensional personalities was just a joy, and really enhanced everything from the previous playthroughs. Being more familiar with all the relationships and the depth of them just made the whole thing so much better, so I'm really glad those were included.

Game good, whole package GREAT. Now that I'm properly up to speed with everyone, I'm gonna go get a couple of those endings again and experience them the way they were intended~

Thanks a bunch for your thoughtful comment! Glad you enjoyed!

I love that there is poly in This game and the art style is very pretty! Thank you so much! ๐Ÿฅฐ

Deleted 2 years ago

I believe this is a bug associated with playing the game in full screen mode and an issue with the engine itself, which is not something I can fix, sorry.

But, the game has like 20+ save slots, you shouldn't even be needing to worry about overriding saves. Just make new ones. ๐ŸŽถ

Deleted 2 years ago

Thanks for your thoughtful review!

Unfortunately, the writer for this game doesn't write games anymore, so I don't really have anyone to pass on this critique to. (Sorry!)
Also, this game was made in 3 months, so yeah, it's got some limitations. But, hey, it's free.

Hope you'll enjoy my other work!

Deleted 347 days ago
(1 edit)

Is there a different place where I could download the r18 version? My phone is weird and doesnt allow me to download games from

If you're looking for the *mobile* version of the R18 version, this is the only place you can get it. It's incredibly rare to find places where you can upload R18 mobile games. From what I know, is the only credible one currently. 
The PG-13 version of the mobile version is available via Google Play.

If you just want an alternate place to download the game in general, it's on Steam. (Steam does not have mobile games though.)

Ok thank you

I have gotten all the endings and read the comic

And all I can say is

God I love it and need more

Like, if I wasn't in poverty, I'd subscribe to the patreon in a heartbeat

Well hey, I'm glad you enjoyed the game! I don't have any plans to pick up the Tomai cast right now, for like, a ton of reasons. BUT, I think if you liked Tomai you're gonna really enjoy my other comics and games.

I would suggest checking out my archive and hey, even if you can't support me with money, comments, high ratings, and sharing with friends or on social media helps a SHIT TON. Word of mouth is so powerful with this kind of thing. (You could even give me a review on Steam for this game if you were feeling so kind.)
No pressure, just like to let people know there's other ways to support me making stuff that isn't JUST money, though I won't deny that money helps the most.

Thanks again, have an awesome day!

thank you for your work and your suggestions, I'll be sure to share around word of your game and give high ratings! Aswell as check out other works! ๐Ÿ’™

Thank you! I really appreciate that! :D

ah one of my first yaoi games i played

i played the game from android and didn't realize it all started here! i love the representation! i didnt know it was polyam, but i am in no way disappointed. 

yep! here's the original, yay! and yeah, even though i list "pursue a polyamorous relationship" on the google play store, people seem to miss it. but, i also don't feel like it's something i need to advertise heavily, most people are very chill about it. (some are not, sadly)

i think its cool! i'm poly so i was happy to play it

:D oh awesome! that's great to hear <3 thank you for playing

I think it was better to keep it somewhat hidden. It was such a nice surprise seeing how they'd develop into a poly thing.

(1 edit)

I was receiving harassing comments about "not disclosing" what this game was about, and also, I think it's more important for people who want polyam games to be able to find polyam games more easily. I appreciate that you like a surprise, but I hope you'll understand that games are not made or released in a vacuum. Thanks!

omg this game is otherworldly! i love it so much. i was a bit surprised at first because Burdoc's character traits and his behaviour are so similar to my boyfriend's lmao. but malik is ultra precious too. will be donating to get the extra material whenever i get the chance

Thanks so much! I'm so glad you liked the game!

i love this game so much and was rlly happy that it was a poly game made my heart so happy <33

Glad to hear it!

I loved this game my only problem is there isn't any 2 partner relationship endings I understand that there 100% needs to be more polygamous representation but I personally would've preferred a ending where it was just me and burdoc the art and story are both amazing though and I'm definitely gonna play any other games you've made

Glad you enjoyed the game! Tomai, Burdoc, and Malik are polyam though, no changing that.

I love this game! Great characters and plot!

Thank you! <3

I loved the game and I played through it multiple times but there was one ending I couldn't figure out but apart from that I love it, I think it would be amazing to see more art of the characters

Thanks! There is an extra comic which you can download via this page, and you can also check out the PDFs if you don't mind donating to help support me to continue making stuff like this. (There's an ending guide for just a buck too!)

Hello! I really enjoyed the game but no matter how many times I play the game, I can never get the locked ending after the Friendship Ending and the locked ending after the Solo Ending. Did I do something wrong? It's a good game honestly, I love the character designs which remind of me of manga.

Hi there!

First of all, thanks for playing! The game includes a guide if you donate $1 or more, this is usually what I recommend checking out, since making games is part of my full time job and I try to avoid posting spoilers here in the comment section.

Otherwise, I don't think you did anything wrong, and my best advice, is that most endings are obtained by doing the same patterns, but with different people. Good luck!

Alright. Thanks for the advice.

(1 edit)

Normally, I do not involve myself into yaoi (not like I hate it, or anything, it's just a little weird for me), but I felt like I needed a small change of pace. And I gotta admit, this beats ALL MY EXPECTATIONS!!!!!

Although I did not expect it, I enjoyed all and every single moment of it (even the R18 ones, which I am not yet used, which is the reason it got a little weird for me).

Ironically, one of my fave endings is the Boyfriend Ending. I liked them being together (took me a few days to accept their poly relationship (don't know how long exactly)) and I very much liked the way the true ending turned out.

Same thing happened to Nami's LWT Series, where Treat indeed, entered into a poly relationship, and it took me a few days to accept it too (9 days exactly).

I have only yet played 2 of your games, and unfortunately, I can't get the ones that I need to pay for, but even if i'm against yaoi, I still wanna support you at least by playing, and enjoying your games.

Ps. This is also the first game I played that was created by you, so this game was the first step when I entered your world of fantasy. Still prefer yuri thought (I am lesbian too, so that's a plus to my preference to yuri).

hello! Is theres any Burdoc's Route? And if it is, then can someone help me? I HAVE ALREADY WINNED ALL THE ROUTES  (Except Malik's and Burdoc's one)

It's not usual for me to come back over and over again after I've completed a VN and seen everything there is to see but GOD I've just completely fallen in love with these boys and the dynamic they have together!!! I'm already aching for more content and I'll definitely buy both art PDFs soon. Thank you so much for this lovely little game and I'm very much looking forward to all your other current projects too!

Thank you so much for this lovely comment! I have a super soft spot for these boys and am always so glad to see others like this them. I have a ton of super fun projects up my sleeve and I'm hoping soon I'll have more time for game dev, and thusly more releases within the next year or more! Look forward to it X) <3

Must purchase r18 pic pack

Need more burdockkkkk

Honestly there needs to be fanart of this game I need it

(1 edit)

I'm glad you like Burdoc! There is fanart here and there that people have shown me, which is SO AWESOME!

I usually retweet it to my R18 Twitter.

Lusshhhhhh fanart is very hard to find rip

Also I'm in the process of making Burdoc fanart I will tweet it at you or something when it's done I'll probs make more but gayer lol

AWESOME! Can't wait to see it! <3

I loved this game. I was going for one character at first then felt bad about the other character, so for my first play though I got the alone route. When I played for the second time I got the ploy ending which felt like the true ending and made me not want to try for any of the other endings because I didn't want to split the boys up. I loved the extra parts that you could play after that gave more to the story.

(1 edit)

Thanks so much for playing! You're actually one of the only people I've seen get the polyam ending before any solo ending, and it actually *IS* the true ending, as you can get with either Malik or Burdoc by themselves. So, congrats!

I encountered a bug at the end of the boyfriend route on Android. One of the images was missing and instead it displayed the text โ€œImage โ€˜headlockโ€™ not foundโ€ in red font.

Thanks for letting me know! This is caused by how the NSFW version of the android game was ported, and will be an easy fix. I'll get up a fixed version ASAP.

Fixed it! Turns out it was conflicting with another file name and Ren'py wasn't telling me. (Very odd) But, you should be able to re-download the game now and see the image! Thanks so much!

Glad I could help ๐Ÿ˜Š

this game looks really interesting and I would love to play it, but every time I go to play it after I download it, it pops up with an error saying that it might be missing. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this they are welcome. I have a windows computer.

 I have fixed the problem and will post later on what I think

Sorry you had some trouble, but I'm glad to hear it's fixed now!

(1 edit)

My only critique is related to gameplay on Android. You have the option to "skip" dialogue on playthroughs past your first. Sometimes when I clicked "skip" it ZOOMED through the dialogue so fast I couldn't even stop it if I wanted to. There's also no option to go back in case I had entirely missed what I had skipped. I wish there was like, an undo button? But just for the skipping. And when it did pause to let me pick who to spend the day with, there wasn't an "off" function for the skipping. So it would zoom through the next even if I wanted to reread a section.

Spoilers below!

My favorite ending (surprisingly?) was the ending where I spent all my time with the Lady. I liked having a nonromantic, nonfamilial option to forge a new relationship. My next fave was the ending where I got to have TWO boyfriends. Polyamory representation in games, in media, in wherever is nonexistent. This made me feel seen, just by having this option. I think the "single minded" ending is what really broke my heart, but also taught me an important lesson. You can't just neglect your other friends when you're pursuing a love interest without serious repercussions. Friends as just as important as romantic partners.

The extra content, the multiple other stories, I think, were also really important to me understanding the characters. I honestly couldn't pick a favorite extra story. It almost feels as if they should be it a second novel, not just bonus content that people might feel is optional to read. I think in order of importance it's Mom comes for a visit, Dad and the Lady learn of the boy's relationship, the trio discuss their childhood, horror movie night, and private moment. It's not that private moment isn't juicy!! It's just not as integral to my understanding of the plot...The bonus content you can buy is also highly recommended - aka the art books, both SFW and NSFW.

Other bits I love:
How the "talking" sound bits are different for Tomai, Malik, and Burdoc.
The art! both characters and backgrounds!
The dreams!
Realistic family interactions with incredible depth!
The setting! I would love more stories in this world!

Hmmm, not sure where this Skip problem is coming from because there SHOULD be a back button as well as the game being set to not skip unseen dialogue by default! There should also be an option in the options menu related to your skip button so you can customize what it does, and there should also be a "history" section in the menu that allows you to see text you've potentially missed.

Turning the skip "off" is simply pressing the skip button again, I believe? Never had anyone complain of this problem before so I wonder if it's something to do with your phone or device? Very strange.

Anyways, I'm glad you liked the game and enjoyed the extra stories! I super appreciate your thoughtful comment and am glad you seemed to enjoy all the characters and their interactions! X) Wish I had more to say but really I am just glad you enjoyed it and really appreciate the support and glowing recommendation! :D

Normally I am not a fan or follower of polygamy romance or romance of 3 people (I want to make it clear that I donยดt hate IT or I am not against it).

But as I expected from DarkChibiShadow, DCS has once again created a pleasant exception in my heart with Tomai.

I liked everything about this simple game, although I was sad that it was so short, I love it and I love the DLCs too.

What I liked the most was the rural and exotic atmosphere, it was clear that Tomai lived in a small place with not many technological accesses or morden comforts, but that is part of the charm of the place.

I liked all the characters, both in their personality and relationships (Especially in relationships ;D).

Art is impossible not to love it with how adorable it is.

If I had to choose a cocept that represented the game it would be "grow" or "change" or "transition" or even "maturation", something that we are aware and accept but can create doubts and fears as well as surprises and emotional gains.

And I also love the relationship of the this 3, it shows that they have known each other for a lifetime and want to continue being that way, their desire to become a romantic relationship but their fear of breaking what they have in the present, that is quite realistic in my opinion.

I have enjoyed the game quite a lot, and I think it has taught me more about poly-German or 3-person relationships than any other game or story I have read before, and even enjoyed it.

Thanks for the game!

PS: My favorite DLCs have been when the three began to tell their childhood and adolescence stories, if there was a prequel to Tomai about more of these stories, I would buy it (Even if it doesn't have content 18, because they don't start dating until this game ).

P.D.2: The NSFW content is HOT!!!


Thanks so much for playing and thanks SO SO MUCH for this glowing review! I always love hearing your thoughts and seeing how much you actually think about my work, it's a real honor.๐Ÿ’–

 For android please

It's already on Google Play! But keep in mind that Google Play does not allow any R18 content, so the mobile version is strictly the PG13 route. Enjoy!

Put up the R18 version for Android here btw! Have fun! ๐Ÿ’–

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