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Your name is Tomai, and you're kind of a big deal. With just 15 days before the annual Night Festival-- how will you choose to spend your time? Will you spend it with your Father, the Lady, or your two best friends Burdoc and Malik? What you choose will affect Tomai for the rest of his life!

>We've added a free new 5 page comic to the download section! (R18 ONLY)
>>We've announced Stretch Goals to help add new free content to the game!

๑About the Cast๑
๑About the Game๑
  • 30k word count! 8 different endings!
  • 15 days to explore, 4 distinct characters to get to know!
  • A completely original soundtrack!
  •  PG-13 and/or R-18 version of the game.

This game contains R-18 scenes, but with the option to opt out entirely in the beginning of the game for a PG-13 version.

By downloading this game, you are agreeing to being of 18 years or older.

๑About the Team๑

DCS + Arcade Party

DCS and Arcade Party team up again for 2017's Yaoijam!

  • DCS: Story concept, GUI, sprites, CG's, backgrounds!
  • Arcade Party: Story development, script, programming!

Support DCS on Patreon! --- Support Arcade Party on Patreon!

๑About the music๑

This game features an original soundtrack created by NomnomNami!

The full soundtrack can also be purchased from Nami's bandcamp here!

๑Thanks for playing!๑


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Tomai - Festival - Comic (5 Pages - R18) 8 MB
Ending Guide 1 MB
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Art of Tomai PDF (33 Pages) 27 MB
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I just want to say thank you for creating such a well-written story. I was fully immersed in the plot and the lovable characters! I wish there was a way to get malik all to myself tho hahaha. Ive managed to get at least 4 endings so far and Im loving this game. great art and soundtrack too!

Thanks so much for playing-- and we're both glad you enjoyed it! 

I think it's important to keep in mind that the three of these boys are poly and Malik cares about Tomai just as much as he cares about Burdoc! ^u^ I don't think any of them would truly be happy without the third party involved.

We will be releasing some extra content for the game within this year too! (For free!) So look forward to that!

I really loved this game and I'm glad I played it! Everyone is so loveable and the background art + music made me feel right at home in this sleepy fishing village.

I'm just gonna start by saying I really appreciate that there were fully-fledged non-romantic routes, and that the pg-13 option for the game actually involves different sprites, narration and dialogue instead of awkwardly skipping NSFW scenes. I'm not aro/ace spec myself but I thought it was great that the options were there for that -- and the non-romantic routes were so good, too! I do wish we got to see the Lady more in the other routes, but given her circumstances it's understandable that we don't. I'm sure everyone gets the chance to hang out with her some time after the true ending though :3


By the way, before I played I saw someone say that pursuing Burdoc every day leads to a bad ending and I was really sad because I thought that meant he didn't have a good ending -- I was delighted to realize that, actually, his good route was the polysexual one! 

Also, both the solo routes are really good (and sad ;A;): I think you do a disservice to yourselves describing them as "one ending," because they play out very differently and gave me tons of insight into Burdoc and Malik's characters. I went through Burdoc's first and expected something similar from Malik, only to feel increasingly uncomfortable when neither Tomai nor Malik tried to include Burdoc the same way Burdoc tried to include Malik.  Given their personalities, though (and the fact I was deliberately avoiding Burdoc), it makes perfect sense -- and it only made me more determined to make sure Burdoc knew that he was loved too!

[end spoilers]

All in all, this was really lovely and reaching the true ending made me feel warm and fuzzy. Congratulations on the stretch goals you've reached, and good luck in reaching the rest of them! C:

First of all-- thank you so much! We are both so happy and so pleased to hear you liked the game and checked out multiple endings too-- that's always really important to enjoying what this game has to offer I think! <3

*v*9 Arcade Party really has a knack for writing endings that are heart wrenching in the most realistic ways-- so I'm glad you got to experience one before experiencing more of the 'true' ending!

We definitely have more in store for The Lady but I don't want to say TOO much. (Tho we will definitely be able to see more of her thanks to some stretch goals; and that both Arcade Party and myself love the Lady and want more of her too!) Hehe!

I wish I had more to say in response but honestly I'm just very happy to hear you liked the game and everything you said was a ton of fun to read. I can't WAIT to release some stretch goal content and hear what you have to say! <3


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Oh man, i stayed up all night playing this to get all the endings and WOW
this is simply amazing, i thought that of Solanaceae too, but this one is even better! I really love how all the characters are written, none of them seem really exaggerated or anything, they're all very believable, lovable, and relatable in some way and that's really great to find in a vn, or well any game really!


and I really REALLY love that you can have a poly relationship. I was curious what would happen if you spent and equal amount of time with both of them and that wasn't what i was expecting, but i was VERY pleasantly surprised! I also liek that in the Lady's route you get hints that their might be a poly route, that was really awesome when i noticed it!

(end spoiler)

so all in all, great game 100/10 :D everyone who worked on this did an outstanding job. I shared it with some friends so hopefully they'll enjoy it too!

Aw! Thank you so much! We are both very pleased to hear you like the game and all of the characters too!

Funny enough; the poly end is one that takes people a little longer to find so I'm happy to hear you found it pretty quick-- since it's considered the 'true end'! (Since you probably saw how going after just ONE boy went, oopsie!)

If you like the writing for this game; it's written by Arcade Party who I (the artist) am also drawing another game for called AWOO that you should totally check out the demo for. :)

I think if you liked this game-- you will REALLY love AWOO.

Thanks again for your awesome comment! Very excited to release some DLC for Tomai and to hear what you think about it~ <3

I love this game so much. I love the art, I love the characters (and I didn't think I'd like Malik as much as I did), and I love love love the best ending! I wish I could hug this game, I really do.

Sticking around for more <3  

Aw gosh, thank you so so much! We both appreciate hearing that and I'm always VERY excited to hear from people who played~ <3 (Also, Malik is pretty dang great.)

We are actually working on stretch goals right now to get some extra content added to the game (for free, of course) so check those out if you're interested, hehe! <3

I finished two routes, and let me give a big tip of the hat to the creator. It is an amazing project that has realized what it’s about. I’ll be sure to recommend it to my friends! 


Now admittedly I did get a bad ending for choosing to solo a particular green croc, WHICH BROKE MY HEART. PLEASE HEL P.

(End spoiler)

I hope to see you do more, and look forward to your future works!  

Hey there! (Writer here, filling in while the amazing DCS is at a convention so your comment doesn't get lost.)

I'm super glad you think our project achieved what we were setting out to do, even if that one ending broke your heart -- Burdoc's character is something I'm pretty happy with overall, so it really makes me glad to know that you loved him enough to try and see his story through to the end, even if that's not exactly how things shake out!

Thanks for playing! <3

(Edited 1 time)

(I'm at the con replying to this message, hehe!)

I'm so glad to hear you liked the game! I'm so sorry to hear the sad end broke your heart, WAH!

If you try spending an equal amount of time with both Burdoc and Malik, I think you'll like the ending a lil better hehe.


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I just played though it! You did an amazing job DCS, I love it so much! The writing, the art, the music was perfect. <3 Also, your inclusion of a  *SPOILER* poly romance *END SPOILER*  is fantastic! It made me so happy! Thank you for all the fun that I had! <3

P.S. Burdoc is bae

Oh gosh! THANK YOU! I'm very pleased with this game myself andArcade Party has done SUCH an amazing job with the script!

Very happy to hear you enjoyed the poly aspect (I don't consider it a spoiler myself) as it's such a core part of the game~

And I AGREE! Burdoc is THE BEST!!! <3

That was awesomely good, thanks for making it :D

You are so so welcome! We were MORE than happy to make it and release it to everyone, hehe~

(Edited 3 times)

Haah! Did 4 endings so far - solo, amends, single-minded and boyfriends, and this is SO AWESOME! It really met all of my expectations! I'll do a little break now, and then try all of the other endings, as I assume they include the dad and the Lady, and I wanted to draw a separation.

Your art is as great as always, and I definitely really enjoy your adult scenes (I'm pretty picky about the writing and illustrations of that kind of stuff). The only thing that bothered me were the evening talks with the dad. I mean, nothing wrong with that per se - it was interesting. But  the fact some of them may repeat in a single playthrough bothers me. I mean, that's not such a big deal, but if I'm to nitpick, it would be that!

And with that being said...

---------------------- SPOILERS AHEAD!!!-----------------------

Your writing is so great I don't even hnnn!!! What I'm going about here is that I'm very - and I mean VERY - picky about polyamorous relationships, even more in games than in series or whatever. It takes a lot for me to like one, and even more to think it's the logical and/or best outcome for the characters. And you succeeded at it soooo well. Since the very beginning I was convinced it was the best way (that's why I tried to avoid it on my first  playthroughs, in order to save the best for last - well, the last for now, since now I'll have to do work-focused playthroughs). I really love the way the relationship progresses between the characters and how it doesn't feel "right" for them if one of them is left out. The boyfriends ending is the cutest thing ever, and it's so nice to see such a harmonious relationship.

Now, I must say  that I really loved the single-minded ending too, though (did it on Burdoc's side). It's really great (and awful XD) to see how things go crashing down from the half point on, if you don't start to take care of the other character. I find Tomai's reactions very interesting, in that he really doesn't see what's wrong, and makes mistake after mistake without even meaning bad. Of  course the ending is awfully heartbreaking and sad, but it doesn't mean it's badly written - it's the opposite! I like the classical otome/BL game formula, but it's nice to see you "stood your ground" with the characters and their relationship. All too often games like that make it "normal" to entirely neglect one or more of your friends to hang out with the one you want to romance only. As I said, I have nothing against that formula as well, it's "only a game", but it's really nice to see a game that actually punishes you for being kind of a jerk haha XD

And one more thing - I love your way of making use of dreams in your stories in order to drop all sort of hints. I love it in Space School, I love it in Tomai, and I'm never bored of it! (speaking of wich, I think I won't be able to resist much longer and soon I'll dive into the current Space School chapter haha)

Aaand I went on for ages, as usual... oh well... XD

Hey hey hey! So glad to hear you played and enjoyed and so glad to hear you'll be doing the other endings as well! (You're on the nose that the other endings include The Lady and your Dad!)

The repeating endings remark is actually something we've gotten comments about from our testers but it's kind of a complicated issue-- a lot of it has to do with how Ren'py's  randomization code and routing stuff works. BUT! We have discussed putting in more of these events just to try and sway the chances in a later patch. (Because there WILL be a later patch and it WILL include a lot more content!)

-------RESPONSES TO SPOILERS!!!--------

Oh! Thanks so much! I didn't actually write the game this time though, it was Arcade Party who really brought all of these cuties to life! (The original story concept and character ideas were mine tho-- it was a collab!)

We are both so glad to hear you liked the poly ending and that it felt right and natural! That's important to the both of us. <3

Oh! You should def try the solo-route with Malik as well if you're interested because it also has a lot going on. (and a really great amends part as well!) I think Arcade Party's strength always lies in making the player interested in something that is sort of punishing-- so I'm glad he was able to put it to good use in this game as well, hehe. It's nice but also TOUGH to watch Tomai fuck up, isn't it?!

AND AH! Thank you! For some reason I just LOVE using dream stuff in stories so I'm glad they can continue to be interesting! (I think maybe it's cuz I have such vivid frequent dreams myself?!)

Thank you again for your kind words and long comment, and I'm SO GLAD to hear you had fun!! Can't wait to see how the other endings treat you! <3333

Yeah, I think I'll start with Malik's solo routes, and then use the save to alternate more with all of the other characters, and then start again to try routes with the dad and the Lady.

Also, now I'm hyped about that patch! 

And yeah, I think it's really important to make bad endings (whatever they are - not all bad endings are death and guts and blood XD) interesting. Some of my favorite endings in games are actually bad endings, for the sheer great writing or feel of them.

On a side note, I have to say I like Malik a way more than I thought I would! I've started with Burdoc's side for the amends and single-minded endings because he's more my style of character and I really liked him a lot since the moment I saw him, but doing Malik's events made me like him just as much!

Oh! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on those routes~

I'm so glad to hear you liked Malik as well-- both the boys are so different and have their own problems and way of solving issues and stuff, it was a lot of fun to see Ivan really like-- go ham with them! (Especially because Burdoc ended up a lot different from my original idea of him-- which I enjoy because he then just became my type. BIG 'N SWEET!)

Thanks for such an awesome game!! I just finished playing for most of the endings, and the game is so good!! I'm having a hard time trying to get the second to the last ending, care to give a hint? Again, thank you for this game!! :D

Aw, you are so welcome! We're glad you're enjoying it!

If the ending you're referring to is what I think it is-- trying spending all of your time with Malik or Burdoc (choose only one) until the very last available day, where you should then talk to their counterpart. 'v'/ The game gives you a little hint when it's time to make up with your buddy, but keep an eye on your calendar and you should do fine!

Hope that helps! Can't give too much away! <3

OOOOHHH, I got it!!! Again, thank you for this wonderful game!! :)

<3 Glad I could help! <3

WAAAH YAY, IT'S OUT! AND IT'S WONDERFUL!! tomai is so fun and well written and great to look at-- there's so much content to go through and enjoy! arcade party and dcs are both amazing developers, and they both brought their all to make tomai really amazing. all the characters are super fun and bring something unique to the story, and to tomai's life as well! the replay value is really great too; I super recommend everyone play it and fall in love with everyone like I did, eheheh.

;___; Thank you so much!

congrats on releasing the full version!!! i think it turned out so wonderful~ i hope everyone falls in love with this cast as much as i did!

(Edited 1 time)

Thank you again Nami for everything! You are my hero, AS ALWAYS!!! <3

This countdown has me so excited for the full release. I've gone back and played the demo at least 10 times in the past few days :3

AW! We are both so flattered to hear that!!! The final version will be 10 times better than the demo for sure~ ;3

omg! I've been waiting for this all day! Yesterday when I saw it was down I got concerned but now I just can't contain my excitement for this game! I can't wait to fall in love with the full version <3

(Edited 1 time)

Oh, hehe! We just had to put it into draft mode because we were making so many changes-- sorry for the spook!

We hope you love the full version!!! <3 *V*

Down to the wire, can't wait for it to drop!

We will have an announcement soon! Ivan and myself both had individual emergencies happen because September insists on being cursed? Our new deadline is before October 15th. Sorry!

The full game is out now! <3

No rush, but very excited to see the full release when it comes out :D

We're excited too! This month has been hell for the both of us (yesterday one of my cats had to get taken to the emergency vet, and Ivan has had some of his own issues) but we're still trucking along!

Thankfully both of us have great track records releasing things-- so even if it takes a little time, WE WILL RELEASE! <3

The full game is out now~ Enjoy!

Aah, soon, the full release! I'm so eager and excited about it after playing the demo when it came out!

By the way, since I don't see the answer here, will the full release be free? I like to leave something for the devs, but unfortunately I'm un such a tight situation right now I can't even play the cheapest of games unless they are totally free so yeah, better to know beforehand

Hey hey! We are both so pleased to hear you are excited for the full released, hehe! (So are we!)

The full game will ABSOLUTELY we free to play, as most everything I have to offer here on Itch.io (and elsewhere is!). There's only a select few things that are for sale that I have; and usually none are over $5 to download, OR are otherwise optional to view. (For example, the game is free, but you can donate to see the art PDF, soundtrack, etc but you don't miss out on anything story-wise not seeing them.)

Oh! I will say that AWOO (since I saw you mention it in another comment) will be $5 on release or something like that? I can't remember, since Ivan is the one deciding something like that-- but I know it'll be some small amount just so he can get back some on his investment~

Anyways, I'm rambling now! Tomai, the full version, will be free and fun and FULL OF LOVE and we are excited to bring it to you~

Thanks so much for your comment! You are way too kind~ <3

The full game is finally out! YAY!

OMGOMG thank you for poking me!

Downloading right now!

Any new updates available on a release date? Last projected estimate was early September and, well, it's early September. Any delays or problems?

Hey hey! We actually just posted an update about this--  but to go into more detail, the MASSIVE threesome scene ended up needing a bunch of CG's, and since I (DCS, the artist) was out of town for a week-- we needed some time to finish that up in a way I was satisfied with. (And I'm VERY satisfied with it now.)

Also! Ivan (the writer) recently had some big plumbing issues to take care of, and Nami (the musician) needs a little more time to finish up some songs as well. Just a bunch of small stuff that needs to get done, but it all takes time regardless!

We actually just sat down and talked thru what we need to finish the game just today and things are chugging along nicely. Most of all, we just don't want to rush things because we are all SUPER pleased by how the game is coming out so far. I know it's always annoying to wait, but we really do appreciate your patience.

To put your mind at ease, here's some of the art I recently finished for the game:

Looking forward to giving you the full game before September ends!

do we have a possible ETA? D:

Late August/Early September! <3

oh sweet early bday gift to me :D

<3 hehe glad to hear it

The full game is out now~ Enjoy!

I really liked the demo and am so excited for the final game! Burdoc is so cute :3

Thank you and we're excited to hear that! <3 (I also love Burdoc so so much!)

R18 content arrives this month you say? ;D i am in the right place

Yep! We're expecting to have the full release sometime before the end of August! Look forward to it!

am excited!! looks super cute