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Oh, I'm crying now, authentic tears,
They flow out of me when I think about you,
Cause you're the only person in the world who'd understand,
Cause you're the only person in the world who'd understand the meaning of this!

Made in celebration of Halloween, this kinetic novel focuses on an alternate reality featuring characters from my comic, Space School. You do not need to have read Space School in order to play an enjoy this game, though it is encouraged. This game is a short, fun romp exploring characters I've loved for a long time playing around in a different setting.

🥼 Characters

Zeggy is played by Todd's Hollow

Alkaline is played by Cheesytofu

🧪 About the Game
  • Zeggy is a mad scientist stuck in his "lab" who suddenly gets a very intriguing (and sexy) visitor!
  • Why is this visitor here? When will he leave? Can Zeggy kiss him?
  • What happens when the relationship gets serious, and something SERIOUSLY bad happens?
  • Half an hour of reading time for the full story! 
  • A little bit of voice acting!
  • No choices, just story to sit, read, and enjoy!
  • Completely original soundtrack by Downhill.
  • It's rated PG-13!
  • Content warnings for sexual innuendos, blood, and death.
⚡ About the Artist

Hey! I'm DCS! A queer comic artist and game dev who enjoys goofy, scifi shenanigans with a lots of romance. This is a small, linear game full of love, so hope you'll enjoy it!
If you like the game, please consider tipping the project or buying the PDF! The funds help me as I work on other projects to release!

🎵 About the Music

This game features an original soundtrack created by Downhill!
You can purchase the soundtrack on Bandcamp, and check it out on Soundcloud!

📝 Translations

Traducción español: Christopher Silva
日本語翻訳: tvstar1999
Traduções português: Vic

 Thanks for playing!


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Touch Theory (Windows and Linux) 114 MB
Touch Theory (MAC) 87 MB
Touch Theory (Android) 99 MB
Touch Tone (Comic) 5 MB
Touch Theory, Art Book PDF (28 Pages) 16 MB
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Deleted 9 hours ago

thank you!


i love the lemon demon lyrics at the top


thanks heh


Who doesn't love a good visual novel with science and pining? Whoever that may be they're not me and they could never be my friend. 

I have a question, what is the game about? is that I did not understand very well despite seeing the labels


It's a romance game! So, mostly it's just about kissing a boy :)

Aaaaaaa that's what it's about thanks for the information :3


No prob!

I have a question do you perhaps know the song fear and delight by the correspondents just wondering cuz its one of my favs and a line in that son sounds similar to the text at top... otherwise loved the game lol, great art

(2 edits)

It's actually, literally a different song all together (it's called Touch Tone Telephone by Lemon Demon, and this game was inspired by it) but that song you mentioned sounds fun and fits well!

(2 edits)

your right, I do know that sorry I get music mixed up all the time lol

LOL it's fine! 

Absolutely happy to support one of my fave artists! ^^

Aw, hey! Thank you so much! I really appreciate that!

It was gooooood xS

Glad you liked it and thanks for playing! :D