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Deleted 151 days ago

thank you!


i love the lemon demon lyrics at the top


thanks heh


Who doesn't love a good visual novel with science and pining? Whoever that may be they're not me and they could never be my friend. 

I have a question, what is the game about? is that I did not understand very well despite seeing the labels


It's a romance game! So, mostly it's just about kissing a boy :)

Aaaaaaa that's what it's about thanks for the information :3


No prob!

I have a question do you perhaps know the song fear and delight by the correspondents just wondering cuz its one of my favs and a line in that son sounds similar to the text at top... otherwise loved the game lol, great art

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It's actually, literally a different song all together (it's called Touch Tone Telephone by Lemon Demon, and this game was inspired by it) but that song you mentioned sounds fun and fits well!

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your right, I do know that sorry I get music mixed up all the time lol

LOL it's fine! 

Absolutely happy to support one of my fave artists! ^^

Aw, hey! Thank you so much! I really appreciate that!

It was gooooood xS

Glad you liked it and thanks for playing! :D