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So there is this bug in the intro where pictures overlap and i think i have an idea why it happens , i haven't seen the code but I'm guessing that when that text shows up a picture representing the magic type appears at set coordinates ( mineral magic - left bottom , mucus - left top , vapor blah blah - right top and water right bottom) and starts moving in a selected way. And location for the picture shows up at is same no matter what, but the time at which it'll will be different each time , because people read at different speed ( and yeah it still happens on auto).

So my suggestion is (if its possible with what ur using) at first spawn pixels, all four at the same time (together with the witch maybe), and change them to magic representing picture later .

Like u have 4 pixels spinning and then when text mentions , for example, mineral magic that pixel that originally spawned at left bottom will change into the picture of a glass or whatever that was.

Sorry if the explanation is hard to understand , im not really good with forming my thoughts + english isn't my first language but i hope it helps if that's what the problem is 

(Btw it'd be kinda good to have an ability to unselect the stuff we gather since we have a limit to what we can collect)

thanks for the suggestion! This is the type of solution I tried once but couldn't get working. It isn't a much of like, lack of ideas as it is lack of skill in coding haha. I'm not a coder I'm just an artist who happens to need to code sometimes, so I've got some pretty clear places where I'm lacking haha.

If you have any specific recommendations for code, I would appreciate it. This game runs in renpy just FYI so it would need to be compatible with that. No worries if not, I'm just not above asking for help heh

And yes. Deselecting things is a feature we plan on adding (wish I had a good way to let folks know what we are already working on but even if I kept a list folks would still suggest it heh) so yeah that is coming thanks for your patience !!! ❤

hello! I was playing the new chapters (which are wonderful by the way, great job!), and I noticed a few bugs, first was in the introduction when the types of magic are explained, when the rappresentations of the kinds of magic were displayed the mineral and water magic images ended up overlapping.

as for the other one, when mayor E was telling battam of the price of the land she ended up saying "200,5,00" I don't think that comma (is that how it's called in english?) was supposed to be there.

also I may have two suggestions if they're welcome, it would be nice if the cursor was customized (I mean if it was drawn in the game style, english isn't my first language and I'm having difficulty explaining this, sorry if it's not clear), the second suggestion is very silly and about a little black cat in the bacground, close to the restaurant, while I was playing I thought it'd be cute if you could click on the cat and it meowed to us.

hah turned out to be longer than expected but that's all! have a nice day! very excited to play the full game, it looks really good right now!

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Thanks! The first bug is known and I have no idea how to fix it (lol, I am very bad at coding, but it'll be figured out at some point I'm sure) and the second typo has already been brought up and fixed in my version of the game.

I did have ideas for a custom cursor but there are some issues that come with that-- so it has to be something that can be disabled or enabled since that type of thing can cause a big slow down on some computer's with Renpy and the way the system is all set up. So, tentative yes but I can't promise good performance (again, I am bad with coding lol but I'll do my best) and about the cat-- I'll think about it! I'm trying not to put in too many clickables atm but this sounds like a fine easter egg. Thanks!

excited to play the rest of the game :)

Thank you!

Already a massive fan of the other parts of the story but a game with so many things I enjoy could only be amazing! The potion making and the character interactions and the art and tHE SEX!!! THE AMAZING SEX! I just love all of your content but I want to stress that even as an unfinished product I felt sad when I got to the end of the content you had ready, it was so much fun I just wanted more! Excited to see more of Satine's journey and to see more of Nãm 💞

THANK YOU!!! Super excited to show off more of the cuties and very encouraged to hear you're enjoying the game so far X)

I fell in love with the stunningly drawn world and cute charakters. The music and the art pull you in a world of magic. The conversations felt rich and gave a good view on each characters personality all while bringing the story forward. I absolutely love that you can level up charakters friendships and the conversations outside of the story quest. It's visable how much love and hard work the creator put in it. 

Thank you very much!!! 💖

Does anyone know what you need to give to the bratty sales associate(I think that's her name)? I'm stuck on what I need to get her because I went through her dialogue too fast T.T

Sorry, this is an issue that's gonna get fixed later on with a quest log being added-- but at current, you can still check the "history" tab for all dialogue you've been in game, if you check the in game menu it should be there. That's a built in feature with all games made in this engine actually!

Anyways, she wants spicy noodles and a cleaning potion! Good luck!

Sorry to bug you again, but where do you get the tomato and shrimp? I think I've looked everywhere but I can't find them when gathering or get them from the shops. I might replay if I can't find them just to see if I missed something

I don't think tomato and shrimp are in the game yet-- sorry!
Some items just aren't available in this version because well, I still have stuff I need to work on and implement and this version had to end SOMEWHERE. I left those in as teasers for stuff to come but I think they just serve to confuse people, oops! Sorry!
The Early Access will be getting some updates, but I *don't* think it's going to be getting very many story updates, just mechanical stuff-- but the eventual full version will obviously have everything, it just won't be free.

Oh, Okay! Thanks for the help :) 

I am so hyped for every update <3 I just love to know more about everyone and I'm so into Sal... i would die for them. Also your artstyle is gorgeous. I already miss them all so much because I already played through 2 times T.T guilty... ^^"

Aw, thank you! Seeing you played through 2 times already is super encouraging-- thank you! There's def gonna be way, way more story (seriously, this game is the most I've ever written) so I think if you're enjoying that part you're gonna be happy with the final release! THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR COMMENT!

Shit slams. 10/10. I am beyond excited for the final version :)) (Also currently PEEING over Satine... I want nothing but the best for them).  

Aw, gosh! THANK YOU!

Satine will have so much good stuff in this game, just wait and see! I'm very excited!

Is it possible to opt-out or skip the scenes that aren't m/m? I know you can opt out of the r18 content entirely, but I like m/m stuff but don't want to have to sit through other scenes.


I think I'm actually going to implement a "yes" or "no" system for *all* sex scenes so that folks can skip certain scenarios they don't like. So, the game will list off: hey, here's who is involved, and what happens, and then the player can say yes or no accordingly.

But, for reference, the version that's uploaded here on Itchio only contains scenes with Battam/Sal (this version actually only has 1 of 11 sex scenes included) so it's only mlm publicly right now. 👌

Thank you! That would be great, I'm gay and really tired of nsfw games that won't let me opt out of the content i'm not interested in

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That's fine! But as a heads-up, please know that this game cannot be classified as simply being a "gay" game, but more so a "queer" and "trans" game, which is not something you can avoid or opt out of. 🙌

There will be no way to play the full scope of the game without reading scenes where trans characters express themselves. There is only opting out of certain sex scenes or the choice not to view sexual content at all-- and this is not a choice to cater to any one specific kind of demographic, it's to respect people's boundaries when it comes to sexual content. But, being trans and talking about that is not inherently sexual, so it is not skippable and is a huge, major part of the story and plot, MULTIPLE TIMES! 💖 So, take that into consideration.

Hope this is understandable. Thanks!

Oh that's totally fine, i'm just not interested in having to sit through sex scenes where both characters aren't men, & a lot of nsfw content won't allow me to selectively opt out. Trans characters are great 👍 i'm just only interested in men (trans and cis, im not transphobic abt it) when it comes to nsfw content and since the side sex scenes are all featuring a trans fem character i'd like to skip those if possible. Deffo don't mind interacting w the character and supporting them in other ways tho! Sounds like we're on the same page, thanks!

Yeah! Def sounds like we're on the same page! 👏 Thank you!

Are R-rated scenes available at present? If so, how do we get to them?

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There is one in this version so far! Ya kind of got to hunt for 'em ^u^9 Try re-visiting Wintercress after you've cleared it-- Battam seemed mighty interested in those hot springs!

Me enamore de sal y Battam , hace mucho que sufro de depresión y cuando conocí a estos chicos y su historia por primera vez me sentí muy feliz, la historia la personalidad de cada uno es increíble , le agradezco mucho al creador de Solanaceae Por crear algo tan hermoso y maravilloso

Me alegra saber que mi historia podría hacerte feliz. ¡Espero que encuentres felicidad y salud!

Hello! I was curious on how to progress through the game after the scene with Battam and Sal talking about their promise? After talking with Mayor E.

Hi! First of all, it's important to keep in mind this is a demo version of the game, and therefore there are just parts you can't get past.

Secondly, what you've described is an optional conversation so I have no idea how to help you from there XD Sorry! Just keep clicking around the map and paying attention to the story and you should be good, I promise the game is not punishing

Is it possible for the description to explicitly mention that this project is gay only? I just wanna know first hand what I'm getting.

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Er, it's not technically gay only though? One of the characters involved in sex scenes is trans femme / non-binary who has sex with guys, ladies, and other enbies, so while yeah, it's queer only, it's not technically just two guys.

Regardless, I can put a content warning, so folks at least know what the sex scenes contain and such! EDIT: It's up!

Thank you very much! I'm a bit unfamiliar with LGBTQ terminology, so excuse my misuse.

It's all good. ✌

Will it still be available for Android, or is Steam needed?


The final version will be available for Android.

BUT: the Early Access version *may* be exclusive to Steam, due to their terms of service. But, having to wait for the final version just means you'll avoid pesky bugs and stuff we'll be fixing anyways-- so, it's a win? will be the only place to get the uncensored version of the game on Android, and Google Play will have the PG-13 version. Please be aware that the final version of the game *will not be free*. 

Thank you for your question!

Hi, I'm brazilian and i really like your games and the history of the custom ones, i wish i could be fluent in english but unfortunately it's a very difficult language for me haha, but i would like to know if you I'll make a translation for Android soon or not like other games, I don't want to seem inconvenient or bothersome

A Brazilian Portuguese translation for this game WILL come out for the game, but please note that this game is in development, which means it's not complete. I do not get translations for incomplete games because games often go through a lot of editing and thus, I would waste a lot of money / time if I got the translation too early.

I am working hard on completing the game, but I'll need time to finish it, and then more time after that for translations. (I'll also need to get funds put together, this game is planned to be over 100k words, which is a HUGE amount for me!)

This team only has 2 people on it (The first person being me, who does all writing, cutscenes, all the art, and some programming, and then the other person is a programmer helping with mechanics) so we appreciate your patience.

Trust me! I will come to Brazil, I promise. :) 

For now, please look forward to BRPT translations of the prologue comic for this series, coming within the next few months.

Hello, I'm brazillian too! I just found out "Solanaceae: Another Time" last nigh, got OBCESSED and have been searching and consuming all of this series content since. I would be glad to help on the portuguese translation for free, if you're interested. Here's my e-mail:

Great-- thank you! 

I am not looking to get this specific game done in Portuguese until it's finished (it's not worth it to get a translation for an unfinished game because so much can change in a very little amount of time) and I already have someone who is going to work on parts of the comic, BUT, I still have some comics I would like translated if you're willing to help out. I will send you an e-mail about it!

:D So glad you like the story so far!

Will there be voice acting in the final game?


At the moment, there are no plans for voice acting. Voice acting is expensive (this game is planned to be around 100k words by the end) and is notoriously difficult to coordinate, and honesty, I'm just not always the biggest fan of it in games like this. Folks are absolutely free to make their own fandubs tho!

do you know when the forth update will be? not trying to push you or anything but i just got the game and i am addicted but the 5th update was suppose to be of fall 2020. i get that it is c*vid season but is there another way I can keep up with new updates such as twitter, insta, or something like that? also I am absolutely in love with sal

The 4th update is already available for my Patrons and has been for a while! It's available at any reward tier. ($5 Patrons are also 60+ pages ahead for the Prologue comic... they seriously get so much more Solanaceae constantly!) Also, my $5 Patrons get to see my game dev updates so that will give you a good idea for where the game is going and when.

Right now I've been working on the 5th update which comes with a *lot* more coding and art because it's the crafting update. My health has kept me from being as productive as I'd like-- but also the truth is I don't make a ton of money from my games, so I have to prioritize stuff like my comics which are my main source of income; so updates are slow.

The 4th update is very likely to come out publicly sometime this year; but if you want to see it now, I would honestly just say, pledge $5 to me for like, a month, check out the update and all the Sola stuff, and then bail if you don't like it / can't afford to stay. Seriously, it's $5 for so so so much more content and helps make it easier for me to update.

You can follow me on Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram, but I say just follow me here on Itchio because then Itchio will give you notifs for when I update.

Thanks and I'm glad you're liking the game so far!

ah thank you but im not in a good place right now to do 5$ (need to save money for necessities and stuff) but once im back on my feet i might just do that also i shall follow you on all of these, keep up the good work TwT 

You're good, I totally understand! Just part of my job to make sure people are aware it's an option. Thank you for the follows!

no problem and thank you so much for understanding ^^

4th update is finally out! Woo!

thank you for telling me! But dont worry I've been basically stalking your Twitter and in the morning I am planning on playing it because its 3am here lol 

:D YAY! Well hey, I hope you enjoy it! I've been slowly but steadily working on this game and I feel like it's future is bright. ^u^


I absolutely LOVE all your works! And solanaceae is definetly a favourite, and now I hope I'm not annoying, but I noticed that, after Battam and Sal sign the papers for the piece of land, the mayor says "viola!" I think she actually meant "voilà!", again, I don't want to be annoying sorry if I was.


No worries, def not annoying! I appreciate people letting me know mistakes so I can fix them and we can all help make this game stronger! >:)
That's a common thing I forget and I can't remember if my font supports the special character or not but I will make note of this to fix in the next update. Thanks so much :D

Your works are alwawys such a joy! Love how the game is looking, can't wait for the next update >.< (Also I just love Satine's dress) 

Thank you! I'm hoping to have quite a few updates done this year, especially now that I have a programmer (so cool!) but it all just kinda depends on how certain life stuff goes. (I'm glad you love Satine's dress, I love it too!)

I actually came across your audio drama cd with Cmakesp. I'm reading this series and I just finished this game for now!

I'm so looking forward to the full game!


so I was able to download the game, (so far so good right?) then for some stupid reason, after I extracted the file, this pop up decided to show itself saying that it “could not execute >insert file name here.exe<  is it missing?” ;/ I’m heccin sad rn... and confused af


Hi there!

Sorry you're having this problem! 

I'm not an expert on extracting files, but my suggestion would be to delete these files of yours that aren't working entirely, re-download the PC version of the game, and then when you go to extract, drag the zip to your desktop, right click, and choose "Extract Here" instead of extracting to a new folder or anything like that, like it seems like you might have done from your screenshot there?

Sometimes programs can get fussy when they are a folder within a folder, so this is the only suggestion I can think of off the top of my head? I haven't had others complain of this issue, so that's why I suspect it may be an extracting problem.

Cuz the only other thing I could think of is that your computer didn't fully extract all the files for some reason. Thankfully a new build of the game should be coming out within the next month or so, so if this build doesn't work for you, maybe the next one will?

Try this and let me know what happens!

Will you ever be releasing it on Android, I love the series and I'd love to play it

I'm going to try to, yes!

This is a game that's a little tough to release for Android because it comes out in batches, BUT, if I play my cards right (and as long as people don't mind a relatively MASSIVE file size) I think it should work out? I can't make any promises, but I am going to try! :)

Gonna try to have an Android build for when Update 4 is available publicly, and it'll def be available for my Patrons within the next month or so as the update comes out. (Once I finish Update 5 for my Patrons, Update 4 will come out here publicly, which should hopefully be maybe sometime late 2020?)

thanks I'm very excited to play it

Of course! Also, I love your icon ;)

Thanks it's probably my new favorite profile pic, it's cute

First Android build is finally out publicly! :) Enjoy!

Very good too hear, im very excited to read it. Thanks for the incredible content and keep up the good work :)

Anytime! Thanks for checking it out~ <3

I just downloaded the game and it said the game takes up 158MB buuut when i extracted it, my laptop said i needed 2.12GB to fully extract the game- andnow its taking up that normal? I'm very limited with space on my laptop because its only 30GB,with 22 being taken up by processing and stuff i cant get rid of ^^' so im only left with 8GB so i hope you can understand my concern for the amount of storage this game takes up- I'm gonna play it here in the next bit but idk what happened with the storage part- is it a glitch on my part? should i re download the game and try that, or...? I'm not too sure but if that's normal then i suppose thats ok!! also the platform i'm on is a windows 10 HP laptop. if that has anything to do with it.

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Hmmm! That's very odd and I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble!

I'm not sure what could be happening -- it could be that .zip/.rar files tend to be smaller than what's actually inside? So, what Itchio says the game is, isn't the true size simply because it's in a compressed format.

The game doesn't take much to run, but it is heavy on images and text, which simply take up space. (Plus, I haven't optimized the game as best I could yet simply because this isn't the finished version yet!)

I'm not an expert on anything computers at all (I'm mostly a comic artist who does game dev on the side) so this is the best I could come up with.

My suggest would be to play the game quickly and then just delete it. It takes less than 30 minutes to get through the game on the current build, so it won't take up much of your time. I'll see what I can do about lowering the file size in future versions as well. Thanks for your comment!

just read some of your comics and i'm loving these characters so dearly! i had a question, though - is satine nonbinary & do they use they/them pronouns? i noticed in the other content they're usually referred to with he/him, but in their bio on here they're called a sibling & have they/them pronouns? also, i tried to download the mac version, but it said the files were corrupt, i'm not sure why :( 

Hi there! I'm so glad to hear you liked my stuff! I replied to your same comments via Patreon (hi again) but I'll post them here again for anyone curious!


Satine is actually genderfluid/genderqueer and in the Epilogue Game, goes on a very overdue journey of gender discovery. It's gonna be a lot of fun to write! :D


From what it sounds like, you probably have a version of MAC that won't play Ren'py games Apple requires *ALL DEVS* to put about $100+ towards getting their game "authenticated" to be played on their devices. <:( It's something I'd like to eventually do for the Epilogue game, but right now I just can't afford it, especially when the game is coming out in chunks and isn't completed yet.

If you had an android phone, I am going to release a mobile version soon that should hopefully work!
Otherwise, there's not much I can do! I'm so sorry! ToT
Older versions of MAC can still run Ren'py games, but I know after a certain update they stopped functioning.

an acurate representation of me and my younger sister:


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It took me a second to try to deduce  whether Battam was a girl or a boy, since there's no gender-specific pronouns that refer to him as either in the game's page, and I can't tell if I should be ashamed or not for doing that in the first place ^^;. The game looks fantastic, though, Sal looks hot AF xD


Thanks! There's already a ton of content to enjoy with these characters, so check those out while you wait for this first build to go public (or you can pledge to my Patreon and get all updates early):

Solanaceae (R-18 Comics)

Solanaceae: The Visual Novel

Solanaceae: Another Time

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Hey I am following your work closely on social media and I wonder that if the finished visual novel will be not only for patrons in the future or not. I am not trying to guilt trip. I'm Turkish and our money is kinda f*cked tight now(1 dollar equals about 5-6 Turkish lira). By the way keep up the good work I love your characters so much! 


Not to worry-- the game will most definitely be out for free as more updates are made. (Er, until the very end, when it's all finished up it will be only available by being bought-- but that won't be for a WHILE, I promise) The way it works right now is that Patrons get updates EARLY. So basically; there's the free version of the game which will be hosted here and then the "Patreon version" which is just an update or two ahead of the public release.

This is a pretty common way that games (especially porn games) are released right now because it allows for lots of people to play it but also helps keep me getting paid to make it-- so all you need to do is be a little bit patient and the first update will be out within the next few months!

Right now I'm busy working on the Tomai DLC, which is long overdue, and then I'll be working on releasing the 2nd update of this for Patrons, which will push the first update out here for everyone, for free! The second update already has a ton of the dialogue written so I can't imagine it'll take me too long once I'm working on it more full-time.

I do my best to make sure the majority of my work is available for everyone; but at the end of the day it is my job so there's just some stuff I have to do to get by. I appreciate you understanding and how kindly you brought up your question-- it's not something everyone does so I just really appreciate it! 

I'm really glad to hear you like my stuff  and I hope I can continue to entertain <3

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So I will be able to play the finished result for free! I am more hyped now! Don't worry patience is fine, I am so happy to hear this that I can wait until I die.  I mean at first I saw your comics and was like: "They are free? Wow I never seen this before." 

After that I downloaded "Another Time" for free and I was SO convinced that you liked your audience. 

Take care! Good luck! 

(My favorite is Sal by the way. He is such a cinnamon roll and reminds me of one of my characters as design.) 

Yes, you'll be able to play the finished result for free! Patrons are just getting stuff early.

Aw! I'm glad to hear you found my comics and like 'em-- and that you downloaded Another Time! Always glad to see people enjoying that since it's slightly older now/// hehe

Sal seems to be a fan favorite and I can't blame anyone cuz he's super fun, imo! X) BTW, there's a Solanaceae Prologue comic running right now! It won't be up on Itchio until the first chapter finishes, but you can read it online for free at a few places! (On smackjeeves, tapas, or webtoons!) <333 sorry for the shill I just like to make sure people know all the projects I got going on hehe

Oh I know the prolouge! You can see my username on last episodes of both Tapastic and Webtoon! I am excited on learning about how the two met. I think it's the most important part to the story and the biggest missing puzzle piece. 

Oh! Well thank you so much, I hadn't even noticed, oops!

How they met is def something people have been asking for a while and I'm glad I can finally give everyone an answer! The prologue has been really fun to work on so far <3

After playing the other games you have made and the comics, I look forward to this game.  I love your art style and the stories, and I love games with Yaoi and find there isn't a lot out there especially good ones.  I enjoyed Tomai a lot.  I follow your tumblr and check it often, I wish I could support you on Patreon so I can see other stuff but I just can't afford it.  But I can't wait to see what comes of this game the map system with many places to explore sounds intriguing, as well as the point and click system.  Not many visual novels contain those features and it makes the game sound so much more involved and helps with the connection to the characters and their stories.  I look forward to this game and if you ever need a beta tester or reader I'm available 24/7, I'm not working right now and I'm currently beta testing Tailor Tales so I have some experience with it.  Anyway good luck with the game.

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Aw hey-- thank you so so much!

I'm really glad to hear you like my comics AND my games (not everyone likes both) -- and my tumblr too! ;v; I'm always super honored and excited when I hear people are looking at everything I've made all together-- cuz it's been a lot of fun making stories in different mediums!

I'm really looking forward to when I have time to work on this game! Right now I'm super busy with commission work and my regular comic and some of my games have fallen to the wayside-- but I already have a TON of ideas for this game and for me it's just about finding time to when I can dedicate to this game. ^^ I promise to make the wait worth it, hehe!

I also have one more game I need to finish before I think about picking up this game and I hope you and everyone else will enjoy it-- it's a bit different from what I've done before and that's what's exciting about it!

Anyways-- I'm rambling! I would love any beta-testing you may want to do and I'll try to make an announcement about it here or on Tumblr when I need that kind of thing so just keep your eyes peeled and we can get in touch!

Thank you again for checking out all my stuff and for your lovely comment-- it means a lot to me! <3