A downloadable Visual Novel

Solanaceae: A Visual Novel is the sequel/epilogue to the 3 chapter comic; Solanaceae-- a story of Battam the witch, Sal the satyr, and Satine the brother!
The comic is not required reading to enjoy the game!


Thanks to my lovely Patrons, I've been putting aside a little bit of time each week (as of right now, just one day) to work on my games again-- which means I've been able to work on the art assets required to release the first (tiny) part of this game to the world.

Patrons will be receiving this update before anyone else, so consider pledging to get access if you're interested. The support helps me continue to make this game!

12/03/2018: The first update is out for Patrons! It's about 2k words!

✨ About the Game ✨

Solanaceae: A Visual Novel is planned to be an episodic VN.

The idea is to build the game piece by piece; releasing a new version of the game every time a new part of the story and world are built.

Eventually the hope is that Sola:VN will be a long sprawling point-and-click adventure love story! Nice!

Some features I'd like to include are:

  • A map system; with many places to explore
  • Building management
  • Light crafting and gathering elements (very casual)
  • A "view chapter" system
  • Outfit/costume system! 
  • PG-13 and R-18 scenes~ Oh la la~
  • Lots of fun and dynamic characters and character interactions!

And maybe even more I haven't thought of!

✨ About the Artist✨

Hi! I'm DCS!

✨ About the Music ✨

This game features an original soundtrack created by LydianChord!

Soundcloud - Itch.io

✨ Looking forward to your thoughts!✨

Development log


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After playing the other games you have made and the comics, I look forward to this game.  I love your art style and the stories, and I love games with Yaoi and find there isn't a lot out there especially good ones.  I enjoyed Tomai a lot.  I follow your tumblr and check it often, I wish I could support you on Patreon so I can see other stuff but I just can't afford it.  But I can't wait to see what comes of this game the map system with many places to explore sounds intriguing, as well as the point and click system.  Not many visual novels contain those features and it makes the game sound so much more involved and helps with the connection to the characters and their stories.  I look forward to this game and if you ever need a beta tester or reader I'm available 24/7, I'm not working right now and I'm currently beta testing Tailor Tales so I have some experience with it.  Anyway good luck with the game.

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Aw hey-- thank you so so much!

I'm really glad to hear you like my comics AND my games (not everyone likes both) -- and my tumblr too! ;v; I'm always super honored and excited when I hear people are looking at everything I've made all together-- cuz it's been a lot of fun making stories in different mediums!

I'm really looking forward to when I have time to work on this game! Right now I'm super busy with commission work and my regular comic and some of my games have fallen to the wayside-- but I already have a TON of ideas for this game and for me it's just about finding time to when I can dedicate to this game. ^^ I promise to make the wait worth it, hehe!

I also have one more game I need to finish before I think about picking up this game and I hope you and everyone else will enjoy it-- it's a bit different from what I've done before and that's what's exciting about it!

Anyways-- I'm rambling! I would love any beta-testing you may want to do and I'll try to make an announcement about it here or on Tumblr when I need that kind of thing so just keep your eyes peeled and we can get in touch!

Thank you again for checking out all my stuff and for your lovely comment-- it means a lot to me! <3