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This countdown has me so excited for the full release. I've gone back and played the demo at least 10 times in the past few days :3

AW! We are both so flattered to hear that!!! The final version will be 10 times better than the demo for sure~ ;3

omg! I've been waiting for this all day! Yesterday when I saw it was down I got concerned but now I just can't contain my excitement for this game! I can't wait to fall in love with the full version <3

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Oh, hehe! We just had to put it into draft mode because we were making so many changes-- sorry for the spook!

We hope you love the full version!!! <3 *V*

Down to the wire, can't wait for it to drop!

We will have an announcement soon! Ivan and myself both had individual emergencies happen because September insists on being cursed? Our new deadline is before October 15th. Sorry!

The full game is out now! <3

No rush, but very excited to see the full release when it comes out :D

We're excited too! This month has been hell for the both of us (yesterday one of my cats had to get taken to the emergency vet, and Ivan has had some of his own issues) but we're still trucking along!

Thankfully both of us have great track records releasing things-- so even if it takes a little time, WE WILL RELEASE! <3

The full game is out now~ Enjoy!

Aah, soon, the full release! I'm so eager and excited about it after playing the demo when it came out!

By the way, since I don't see the answer here, will the full release be free? I like to leave something for the devs, but unfortunately I'm un such a tight situation right now I can't even play the cheapest of games unless they are totally free so yeah, better to know beforehand

Hey hey! We are both so pleased to hear you are excited for the full released, hehe! (So are we!)

The full game will ABSOLUTELY we free to play, as most everything I have to offer here on (and elsewhere is!). There's only a select few things that are for sale that I have; and usually none are over $5 to download, OR are otherwise optional to view. (For example, the game is free, but you can donate to see the art PDF, soundtrack, etc but you don't miss out on anything story-wise not seeing them.)

Oh! I will say that AWOO (since I saw you mention it in another comment) will be $5 on release or something like that? I can't remember, since Ivan is the one deciding something like that-- but I know it'll be some small amount just so he can get back some on his investment~

Anyways, I'm rambling now! Tomai, the full version, will be free and fun and FULL OF LOVE and we are excited to bring it to you~

Thanks so much for your comment! You are way too kind~ <3

The full game is finally out! YAY!

OMGOMG thank you for poking me!

Downloading right now!

Any new updates available on a release date? Last projected estimate was early September and, well, it's early September. Any delays or problems?

Hey hey! We actually just posted an update about this--  but to go into more detail, the MASSIVE threesome scene ended up needing a bunch of CG's, and since I (DCS, the artist) was out of town for a week-- we needed some time to finish that up in a way I was satisfied with. (And I'm VERY satisfied with it now.)

Also! Ivan (the writer) recently had some big plumbing issues to take care of, and Nami (the musician) needs a little more time to finish up some songs as well. Just a bunch of small stuff that needs to get done, but it all takes time regardless!

We actually just sat down and talked thru what we need to finish the game just today and things are chugging along nicely. Most of all, we just don't want to rush things because we are all SUPER pleased by how the game is coming out so far. I know it's always annoying to wait, but we really do appreciate your patience.

To put your mind at ease, here's some of the art I recently finished for the game:

Looking forward to giving you the full game before September ends!

do we have a possible ETA? D:

Late August/Early September! <3

oh sweet early bday gift to me :D

<3 hehe glad to hear it

The full game is out now~ Enjoy!

I really liked the demo and am so excited for the final game! Burdoc is so cute :3

Thank you and we're excited to hear that! <3 (I also love Burdoc so so much!)

R18 content arrives this month you say? ;D i am in the right place

Yep! We're expecting to have the full release sometime before the end of August! Look forward to it!

am excited!! looks super cute

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