A quick update!

Hey ya'll! It's DCS!

As some of you may have seen on my social media-- I recently had an emergency involving one of my pets which has pushed back a lot of stuff in my life. Not only that, but September has generally been garbage for both me and Ivan the whole way thru...

So, as you can probably guess, Tomai still needs a little bit of time before it can be released in full. Right now we are aiming to try and be done before October 15th, if all goes well.

I know it's frustrating to receive another update of "We're gonna try to get it done before ___ time!" so let me break down to you exactly what we have going on here:

THINGS THAT NEED TO BE DONE: (Seems like a lot but all of these things are pretty minor.)

  • About 2k is left of the script, a few scenes need to be written out.
  • Last few scenes need to be busted.
  • Day counter needs to be coded in.
  • GUI needs to be spiffed up.
  • Testing (for about 2-3 days) needs to be done.
  • PDF's need to be put together. (2 will be available if you donate, as well as the full soundtrack!)

THINGS THAT ARE ABSOLUTELY FINISHED: (All the big stuff is done, baby!)

  • All of the art for the game. Backgrounds, busts, CG's, all of that is DONE.
  • The soundtrack is 100% finished and wonderful. Thanks Nami!
  • The calendar system for the game + all of the endings.
  • The general outline of everything-- nothing is left to be decided, it just needs to be filled in.

And yeah, that's a general of where we're at right now-- just to be crystal clear.

We appreciate how excited and enthusiastic everyone has been so far and we can't apologize enough for how long it's taken us to finish this game. But-- I know that I'm personally very happy with where the game has ended up; and having to wait a little longer will hopefully  make it just that much sweeter for ya'll~ Your sweetie-pie Croc boy and snarky Octo boy are coming ya'll!

One of the good things about us taking a little more time is that if any of you have any suggestions, let us know now and we'll see what we can do!

Thank you again everyone; here's some more previews to tide you over:

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No worries, nothing is worse then a half finished game rushed to meet a deadline, so take all the time you need :)

Thank you and we totally agree! Especially since it's a free game, better to take some time than put out something we're not happy with. :P

Aw, don't worry, the most important thing is that you manage to sort out things IRL - I hope everything will turn out okay! We can wait a little bit more!

We both appreciate it so so much! Things are steady over here but still need a LITTLE bit of time.

I, for one, am really sure the wait will be WELL worth it. ;3