Hey ya'll!

Just another quick announcement to let you all know we just reached TWO OF OUR STRETCH GOALS!

What does this mean exactly...?

Well-- it means within the next few months (it's a very loose timeframe right now) we will be re-releasing the game with NEW extra content included; FOR FREE, of course!

The content won't affect the main plot at all but will instead be reached from the main menu as sort of an "Extras" section in the game. All of this new content takes place after the main game is over; assuming the player has reached the poly-ending. (Which is what we consider the true ending.)

We have yet to flesh out every little detail of these first stretch goals; but with these extra stories you can expect a new character + all of her busts (Tomai's Mom!), lots of CG's, NEW busts for Tomai, Malik, and Burdoc; and maybe even a new background or song?

There's a lot to look forward to and we hope it gets you excited for the other goals!

If you wanna help out towards these other goals; tell your friends about the game,retweet this tweet, reblog this post, or simply donate towards the game when you download the files!

All of that stuff helps SO much, especially during this busy holiday season! <3

Thank you all SO SO MUCH again for all of your amazing continued support-- we can't wait to bring you some new stuff with the Tomai crew!

See you soon enough~ <3

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