Tomai DLC will be going up early for Patrons!

Hey ya'll! I finished up the first ever of the Tomai extra stories-- "Horror Movie Night"!

Here's the download info over on Patreon! (Remember, it's a $1 pledge to access!)

These extra stories have been a long time coming-- so I wanted to share them as I finished them early with my Patrons.

All of these stories will still be coming out publicly-- for FREE-- for now they are just coming out early for my Patrons. I do not have an estimate for when they will be releasing publicly-- I get about one day a week to work on VN's as it stands!

As a reminder, it's just $1 to get game dev access to my page (as well as early comic pages for my webcomics) so like, it's a pretty good deal if I do say so myself.

I think this is the most spontaneously I've ever released an update for a game-- so I hope to hear from some of you on Patreon! Thanks!

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I think it's fair to let those who pay for the DLC play it before those who expect to stay free, I intend to buy, even more for 1 Dollar, but I'm not that connoisseur of porn, but the feeling I had playing the game was relaxing, I I would like to know if this DLC is going to be R-13 or R-18, thanks in case you answer me

Hi hi! Thanks for your comment!
I'm glad you indent to leave a tip when the DLC comes out-- that always helps a lot!

As for the rating of the DLC-- I always *ALWAYS* include PG-13 options for R-18 scenes and this DLC is no different. You are never obligated to play the porn parts of any of my games (except for Yarrow Valley where we didn't have time to write a PG-13 route, oops) but regardless of that; most of the DLC is PG-13 and is more to do with the boy's lives and feature as short epilogues to the events of the game rather than sexy stuff.

The most you'll see in the PG-13 routes are some kissing and you're also gonna see Burdoc's bare chest-- but uh, that's not really anything new, is it?

I hope this helps explain it! The DLC is very, very close to being done and will hopefully be out next month. (And late THIS month for Patrons!)