ALL of Tomai's Extra Stories are now out for Patrons, EARLY!

That's right! All of Tomai's Extra Stories are now out on Patreon EARLY, which you can get access to for just $1!

(You'll also get access to a ton of my comic pages, the first build for the Sola game, and the Patreon exclusive Tomai DLC PDF too!)

Or! If you're really interested in the making of these Extra Stories; I've been keeping a diary about them that $5 Patrons get access to! It's a whole blog actually, full of exclusive pictures and comics and such. Just thought I should mention!

This may have you asking-- well when will this be coming out publicly then?! My goal is the first week of April-- not April 1st, of course!
It will be the final update for Tomai (assuming nobody finds any game breaking bugs or embarrassing spelling errors, oops!) and I'll most likely be seeking to release Tomai on some other platforms as well here soon~ ;3

It's been a long road to get Tomai to it's completed form; but I'm really happy to finally be here and I'll be really excited to start working on some other projects as well. Look forward to this and more from me in 2019-- I'm gonna be giving you a lot of games and comics, ya'll!

Thanks for your support! I think you're all gonna really like these extra stories!

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