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I got this game in a bundle a while back, but only unearthed it now. This was excellent. Solid writing, gorgeous art, lots of stuff to poke at and interact with. The characters were well written, and that was a much more realistic depiction of cult dynamics than I was expecting. I saw in the other comments that this project isn't a priority for you, but I really hope I get to see the rest of this story someday; I already combed through your page and didn't see anything, but if there's more somewhere else I'd love to know!


Thanks so much for your kind comment! The only reason this project isn't a priority for me is just because, well, it isn't popular with my usual audience and doesn't sell great! I've been having a hard time finding it's audience. But, even if it takes me time, I really want to finish this story and see it through, so I hope you'll stick around to see that happen! Once I finish my current (giant) game, my game priorities will solidly be on this series-- which needs 3 more installments to be finished. But, each game isn't nearly as long as the big one I'm working on now, and I'll actually have help with the future installments (this one I worked on almost all by myself) so I'm HOPING it'll only take me a few years for each one. ^^; Anyways, thanks so much again and I hope you have an awesome day!


I've just played through both the prologue and this game during the last couple of days, and I've had a heck of a great time with them both!! The artstyle is incredibly charming, I loved the music, the characters and dialogue got me laughing several times, and I was honestly very pleasantly surprised by the genre of this game considering the prologue was a more straightforward VN. I ADORE point&click adventure games, and yet I hadn't played one in ages... It felt like going back to my childhood ;u;

In your last update from 2021 you mentioned having some new languages available, but I couldn't find them here yet. I'm missing a couple of endings and it'd be really great to get to do a replay in Spanish if those plans to update the game are still up! I wonder if you could shine some light on that, since it's been a little while? Thank you so much in advance!!

Thank you! In current builds of the game, the "prologue" is played after you beat one route of this game-- and I think it fits better into the overall feeling of the gameplay and story. But, I made the prologue first so folks here on Itchio usually play it first and that can sometimes mess with expectations! Oops! XD When the game finally gets updated to the full version here, the prologue as a separate game will be set to private-- so, in a way, you're doing something exclusive at least. :J

Anyways, my apologies, I've had the translation stuff on the back burner as I finished some BRPT stuff and mobile porting things for the game. But, I have another VERY BIG GAME that needs priority before I can switch back to Lee's games. So, I've not worked on this particular thing for Lee's game in a few months.

The translations are up on consoles (as they originally were, since they were done by the publisher/porter there) but it's just taking me extra time to get them ready for PC because frankly, I'm just not a great programmer and struggle with things like this. But, the updates *are* coming eventually, but I cannot say they will come in a timely manner.

My current plan is to continue focusing on my big game and then to finally focus back on Lee's game for at least a few years. This game is my "underdog" when compared to any other series I have, so I try not to stress about updates until I'm ready, because well, it's just not that popular! So, I never think folks are actually waiting or wanting updates! I guess this proves me wrong a bit, but it still doesn't mean I have time atm to prioritize this-- I apologize!

All I can say is: I'm very good at getting work done, and as long as you give me some time, those things will come. If there's anything I'm known for, it's finishing a project. Even if it takes a while.

As one last heads-up, the Spanish version is Spain Spanish and not Latin American Spanish-- which was not my choice! I would like to get a different translation one day, but it costs thousands of dollars to do so, so uh... gonna be a bit on that too! XD

Have a nice day!

Hello again, and thank you so very much for the insight! :D

This hopefully doesn't need to be mentioned, but it's of course absolutely okay~ It makes me a bit sad to hear Lee's games don't do as well because I've had a fantastic time with them both, but I sure hope that means the rest of your games (which I have yet to play, so that's one thing to look forward to) are simply very well-loved! And it only makes sense to focus on what people are demanding the most. Though I am glad to have given some love to the underdog!

Still, please don't worry about it. I'm just glad to hear it's something you are still planning to do, so I'm more than happy to wait for it! That will give me time to forget about the plot and play it again as if it were (almost) brand new to me. It's the one perk of having bad memory, hahaha. So, by all means, focus on the big project and come back to this later, and stronger than ever.

Oh, and I am a dirty Spaniard, so the fact that the game is in Spain's Spanish at is totally fine by me, hehe. :) I have seen the porting was handled by people who I am familiar with, and they have historically not been... super great at translating in the games I've seen/worked on, but I guess it all depends on whom they hired in your case. I work with Nami as a translator and one of our latest projects was to fully retranslate Syrup 1 because it was handled by those people and the result was kinda eh, although that was a bit of a special case since it was a fan translation that had supposedly been revised by them instead of made from the ground up. I hope they did a better job with Lee, at least! Which reminds me, should you ever want to have it rechecked, I'd love to lend a hand (for free, so don't worry about the thousands of dollars XD) As a fellow small dev, I'm always happy to help people in any way I can, and as a language nerd, it's great to know there's one more good localization out there in the world~

Still, it's very kind of you to think of the LATAM market as well! I know for a fact that many people in Latin America actually prefer Spain's translations because LATAM Spanish isn't really A Thing (every country's way of speaking is radically different, as you can probably imagine, and you can't really make one version that works for everybody!), but, needless to say, there are many people over there who of course love having games in a Spanish that they're used to, so I think it's always worth it to have both available.

Thanks for taking the time to reply to me! Have a beautiful day, and best of luck with your projects!!


Hello! So sorry for my late reply, but I'd super love to be in contact with you on future stuff!!! What e-mail can I reach you by? :D

Deleted 220 days ago

I just e-mailed you! Because, as it turns out, I actually need a translation for this game like right now!!! :D_b

After playing this and the prologue, I feel super fricking excited for its future parts. With the release dates and everything, I was worried that the story might be ending here, but. A few years of hiatus never truly indicate a full departure, right.....!!!?!? But, with this game and its prologue as a combined experience, I'm just...!!! It's a really enjoyable game, firstly... The two main personalities play off of each other in a way that I find super fricking fun or thoughtfully emotional, and the gameplay elements add a wonderful layer of depth to the experience insofar as it being a mystery game and adding a lot of circumstantial context to dialogue and discovering the <plot>, as it were. The art, too, is fricking fantastic...!! I'm a bit of an amateur at anything artsy, but the amount of attention to detail in everything (as well as the style in general being really fun and expressive) made little inexperienced me just think "GOD........ SO MUCH..... FUCKING EFFORT WENT INTO THIS........." SO LIKE....... HOLY SHIT..... Fantastic job all around, there!!!!!!

As far as writing goes, as said, it really makes me want to see future parts....!! The amount of plot left utterly up in the air combined with a solid basis for intrigue with these two characters and their struggle, finishing the game and getting the true ending sure did make me feel like...!! CLIFFHANGERS.... THE ULTIMATE ENEMY AGAINST TRUE CONTENTMENT...... Though, obviously, sequels will be coming after Solanaceae: After All is finished (as far as I can tell??), so I should really get on that, too, in the meantime!!! ONCE ALL OF THAT IS FINISHED..... THEN LEE WILL GET HIS STORY, PERHAPS.... All of the things about Lee's past and general distaste for certain things really resonates with me, in a really bitter way, so..... Whatever story he has in store for himself, I'm really looking forward to it!! (Also I was genuinely delighted reading through the art collection and seeing its notes on Beracus!!!! As said there, there's nothing in the game that really references it, but.... it made me super fricking happy to see that. Representation in that regard, from my own range of observation, is something I really don't see a lot of, so.... It makes me feel really galvanized in my own situation (although my own identity is different), seeing representation like that, when I see it so infrequently.)

BUT YEAH..... This game is fricking wonderful, thank you for it!!! Best of luck with everything in your development endeavors in the future; really looking forward to the stories to yet to be experienced and yet to be told!!! GANBAAAAAAA


Hey there! Thanks so much for your comment, I really appreciate it!

First of all, I want to assure you that my hiatus is nothing to worry about-- folks who know my work outside of this game know I am uh, incredibly good at releasing things. Like you said, I've just had my hands full with a game that's about 4 times as large as this game, so it's taken me a hot second to get done. Once that game is done, I plan to work on the next three Lee games in concession, so hopefully there won't be nearly as much wait time there and THIS TIME I'll have a small team of folks to help me, so ideally all the next Lee's games can be even bigger and better. (Though, no too much bigger.)

Beracus being trans and a lot more about his identity will come up in the next game, as well as some very... tense stuff with Lee. There's a lot to dig in there and the game truly is about their dynamic, while a small amount of other characters come in to play off that. I think if you liked the direction of this first game-- you'll like the direction of the next 3! Though, as a warning, not everything about everything will be revealed in total clarity. *hee hee*

Again, thanks so much for your comment and thanks in advance for your patience with the next game! It's coming, I promise-- but I gotta make sure I don't hurt myself on the way there! 😂

Yaaa. Burning out is a nightmare, so hopefully everything goes as well as it can in your development future, in that regard and every other regard, too!! Having a team sounds like a tricky endeavor, so I'm glad it's going well!!

Vague storytelling tho holy moly.... The countless number of interpretations to be had will be exciting, I'm sure. Hope both projects can be as great as you want 'em to be!! Take care!! And thanks again!!!


Thank you! Yes, I try very hard to avoid burning out because it can just cause things to take even more time in the long run. Having a team has been good but not without hiccups-- I think that's just the nature of game dev though. But, I have at least 3 people who I am very confident in bringing forward into this project-- that includes a new musician and background artist! 🙌

Yes, aaah, hoping to implement even more very situational scenarios and dialogue where people's choices start uncovering more and more things-- pushing characters to their limits! :D 

Thank you for your encouraging comment and reply, I really needed it today. 🤩

Funk yeah!!! To all of that!!!!!


Let's start with the art, but I don't want to put too much emphasis on it because I'm a huge fan of DCS' style so I'm going to be biased towards that. But I mean come on, look at it.  It's glorious. The character designs are spooky but compelling, the setting is vibrant but sinister.  The music is perfect.  It's haunting but not creepy, and it fits every scene so well.  And the finale is just fantastic.

But the story! The way it drops you into an already established situation with characters that are familiar to each other but not the player, and how everything is slowly revealed and expanded upon? It's wonderful.  It allows us to empathize with the characters, to feel the tension, the sorrow, the futility... throw in some dark humour and you've got a winning combination.  The writing is TIGHT.  The story is engaging!  I can't wait to see how this story plays out!

ps Beracus and Lee are heckin' cuties, omg I love them so much.


OMG CACTUAR!!! THANK YOU! (Also omg you saw my tweet, thank you<3) I really appreciate hearing this! I think if you like Lee and Beracus specifically, this series is hopefully going to be very satisfying for you in the future. So excited to (hopefully) start work on Part 2 in 2022 for this~ <3 Your comment is so encouraging!!!



amazing!!! this was so clever, i usually get bored with point and click games but this was endless engagement and a really well written, complex story

nice easy controls, doesn't take you back hours when you fail you can simply retry,  deep complex characters you empathise with instantly! and the art is beautiful too 

i am so excited for the next parts!! i will definitely be checking out the prologue and your other works until the next parts are ready whenever you get time, super super amazing thank you


THANK YOU SO MUCH! This comment gives me confidence for the next parts! (And the upcoming console release) What you said were all goals for me so just, THANK YOU!!! <3 

I gotta finish the current game I'm working on before I start part 2, but it WILL happen! I'm getting music produced for it and have someone who will help me code this time as well, so I'm hoping it'll be bigger and better! :)

I absolutely adored this and I cannot wait for any updates to come!! Will definitely be heading to the prologue next and then checking out the rest of your stuff. Love it!! <3

Thank you so much! I'm so glad to hear this! Part 2 will absolutely be coming, I've just got some other big projects to finish off first. (So, thank you for your patience!)

Hey! Just finished the story and had to come to thank you for such an amazing game!! The mechanics and plot and art got me hooked.
Plus, I really liked the worldbuilding, and am eager to know more about it. Do you have any updates on the following parts?
Again, thanks for the fun!


Hi hi! Thanks so much for playing! Unfortunately right now, the second part of this game is on the backburner in favor of other projects that help me pay the bills, and are a little bit more popular with my audience. Games are my side thing where comics are my main thing, so I only spend a small amount of time doing dev, so it will take some time before I am able to complete all 3 of the next parts. (There's 4 parts in total!)

I'm hoping to pick development back up in 2022 if I can manage to finish my current very big game within a decent amount of time, otherwise, I suggest maybe checking out the prologue until then? It's small, but fun to play if you're curious about Lee.

I know where I want the story to go, and I know generally how long each game /should/ take to make, but, right now, I'm a dev team of 1 doing everything myself except for small coding things and music. So, it takes a lot to get even a game of this size done! (This first game took me over a year, whoops!)

I am absolutely going to work on this series again, sometimes things just take time. I'm always juggling a lot of projects but I've also got a really decent track record of actually finishing and releasing stuff, so I hope you'll grant me some patience until I can get the rest of the story out for you! :) Have an awesome day!

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!! SPOILERS kinda !!

I cant get the last one ending called Beracus death, can I have a clue or smth?? By the way the game is AMAZING and im waiting for next one ^^


Hi there! To keep it vague since I don't like to give out route spoilers publicly: if Lee is okay with Beracus, he's likely to help him, ya know? But, if he's mad at him, hmm... I wonder if he'd be less willing...

Just finished and definitely going to replay it to get the other endings ! xD

If you're in a mood for  3/4h of funny and clever writting, puzzle just hard enough to frown once or twice but not much more in a nice point and click gameplay with little sparkle of doom : just take the game. Go on. Dew it ;) 

Thank you so much to the team ! Can't wait to explore more of the univers and see this dynamic duo of goofballs again on the next chapters !

Thanks so much!

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Adventure game with a unique setting and some very well written characters. Two friends find an underground bunker where they get to know a family living in a cult that might or might not have led to their current slightly dead disposition. The story is intriguing so you want to explore how this situation came about, the writing is a bit over the top, but endearing and the puzzles are interesting enough to give your brain something to think about. Good fun. 3,5/5

More Racial Justice Bundle impressions:

Thanks for the review!


Great game, thank you so much :D I’m a big Point’n Click fan and I love how you manage to make those puzzles just easy enough. I can’t wait to play the next chapter o/


Thank you! I def wanted to go for "just enough difficulty that you felt engaged, but not enough to feel frustrated" so I'm always happy to get comments like this! Thanks for playing! The 2nd game starts development early 2021.

***mild spoilers, sorry!!*** 

hi, i am struggling to find piece b for the canvas? i know it has something to do with the globe but all that happens when i click on it is it repeats the note with the safe combination hint. am i missing something somewhere? 

(1 edit)

Looks like you need to get into the safe then! ;)

I cannot say anymore in public, contact me privately at if you want more hints as I try not to post public puzzle spoilers about the game.

Oh my goodness thank you so much for making this glorious game! I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game and reading everything I possibly could in it.  And the art was absolutely lovely. Thank you ever so much for creating such a compelling story and wonderful characters (with an integration of the lgbtqa+ community which I highly appreciate). Speaking of characters, I am, without a doubt, emotionally attatched to them (which considering Lee's general habits and reckless nature...may not be the best idea on my part but that's a problem for another day) so kudos for creating such well-developed and interesting characters. I am looking forward to experiencing more of them in future games of the series. :)

(Also, I've currently gotten all the endings save for Beracus' Last ending, though based on hints I've read in the comments I'm relatively confident that I can figure it out. Usually I'm not too concerned with achieving everything in a game but this world is so intoxicating and interesting that I'm eager to experience every last nook and cranny of it. So thank you once more for creating it and sharing it with the internet.)

Oh and I enjoyed how you referenced Lee's backstory with his extreme aversion to bread and a couple other subtleties. I realized it while replaying parts of the game after playing the prologue. So the wheat-related past trauma was a nice touch. Good continuity and all that jazz. And I especially enjoyed whenever Lee happily teased an adorably flustered Beracus. Now I shall, finally, end my happy rambling here, with one last thank you. 

Thank you so so much for this lovely comment! Feedback like this is very confirming that I'm going the right direction with these characters, and I appreciate so much you sharing your thoughts.

The second game will start production early 2021, and hopefully be released early 2022, if all goes well for me! These games are pretty hefty compared to my usual stuff, so I think a year is what I'm gonna need-- assuming all goes well in my personal life!

Anyways, that's aside the point! I'm so glad to hear you like the game and the characters and I'm so excited to share more with you. <3

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here link of the first part playthrough hope like it

Thank you! :D

did you like it ?

To be honest, I don't tend to watch playthroughs because I get very nervous and shy, but I really appreciate when people play my game regardless, so thank you!

aw dont be game is good regardless i really liked the game!

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!


hi can i wanted to know if can have permission to use this game i want use game and stream on twitch that if it okay if it is i will send the link so can watch the my playthrought ?

Hi there! Yes, you are OK to stream this game on Twitch and I would love a link!

If you post it to Youtube I would love a link back to this game, if you could, but it's not required. (Just helps me a lot!) Thanks!

Hi, just letting you know I am getting an error trying to save. I'm on MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 and when I click save I get an error about there being no save locations. I've put the error in a pastebin:  

I've had the error with another game too, and that dev said its something about the combination of using the, being on a mac and the game code.  Saving works fine when I play outside of the so I'll play that way, but I thought you might want to know about the error. 

Thanks for letting me know!

Unfortunately, I don't think there's anything I can do specifically about this. If the problem is coming from a few different places at once, it's probably those that are causing the problem, not the game itself? Since I'm just the dude who made this game I uh, really can't do much about fixing the app error, sorry! (And that's really what the error looks like to me.)

Plus, Apple products are kind of notorious right now for not playing nicely with indie games. That might be something to be aware of in the future if you're continuing to check out indie games on their devices. It's gonna be harder and harder for small time devs like myself to make it work with their products as time goes on, for multiple different reasons.

Thanks for checking out my game and thanks for reporting the error regardless! I do appreciate it!


This was super fun! I really enjoyed the characters, the puzzles were just the right amount of tricky, and I appreciated being able to skip back through everything so I could get every single ending. ;) Can't wait to play the other games, when they come out!

Thanks so much for this lovely comment! I will begin work on the second game in 2021 and hopefully work most of the year to finish it! I hope you will enjoy it when it comes out eventually~ X)


This game was great!! I loved the story and characters, the puzzles were really fun, and the art was beautiful! I really hope that there will be more games in this series!

Thank you so much for this lovely comment! I am beginning production on the second game in 2021, and will be using hopefully most of the year to develop it! :D I hope you'll check it out when I finish it! <3

hello! i was wondering- i watched a playthrough before on youtube,  though i can't find it now that i have the game. i was wondering if you were willing to tell me a way to get the scissors? i vaguely remember the player getting them, though i'm not sure!

I am willing to tell you, but I'd like to do it privately, if you don't mind! (I prefer to keep this comment section spoiler free if I can help it!)

You can e-mail me at and I will let you know what you need to do! :)

thank you very much!


I'm IN LOVE with this game! The characters were great, the puzzles were fun and just challenging enough for me, the art/music/sound design/spritework in general was all amazing, and I cannot stress enough how desperately I'm craving more right now.

Seriously, fantastic job! I'm definitely going to keep a close eye on this series, I think it's already one of my favorites.


Oh gosh, thank you so much for your lovely comment! It means a lot to me to hear this, I'm so glad you enjoyed the game!

I plan to start development for the 2nd game in 2021 and hopefully use the whole year to finish it. (Right now I'm busy with some other projects, since I tend to work on a few things at once.) In the meantime,there is a short, free prologue about Lee if that's something you're interested in.

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Great game, I' m enjoying the puzzles and the personalities of the characters. Runs perfectly on linux.

So far (currently stuck on the box) I' ve found a single bug: if I look at the safe content I can't go out of its menu (I' ve got only the three choiches to look at its content and am missing the " stop looking" option I had on the first/second time I looked at it)

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you like the game so far, and am so sorry you ran into a bug. (I'm a single person dev who is still pretty new to coding, so it's unfortunately a fact of life for my games right now, oops.)

Would you mind providing a screenshot of this happening? Or screenshots of before this happened?

What options did you pick, and in what order? How many times did you look at the safe? What did you do before or after this bug?

Anymore details you have, or screenshots, on what you did exactly when running into this problem would be great, as some bugs can happen under very specific circumstances.

You can reply here, or e-mail me at with more information/screenshots.

Thank you!

Got this from the giant bundle (which should absolutely be bought by everyone who can afford it), and this game stood out to me when looking at where to start. Super glad I started here, was very surprised at how much depth the characters had given the relatively short (but very reasonable) playtime.  I found myself genuinely curious about the backstory of the characters and the environment, and even more so about the mysteries surrounding them (and the ending in particular).  

The puzzles felt satisfying without being frustrating, which is sometimes a difficult balance for games to find but this one absolutely found it.  The game feels pretty polished, the art is all well done and the writing is rock solid.  The world outside of the bunker has a lot of potential and I'm actually interested in seeing where Lee and Beracus end up. Super enjoyable experience.

Thank you so much for this lovely comment!

I really strove to make the puzzles feel engaging without being overly difficult, or overly easy. Just something you feel like you are at least interacting with while moving the story along and soaking in the characters and environment-- so your comment is very encouraging for me when it comes to future games in this series! :) I'm hoping to have the second game of the series out sometime in 2021, and I also want to mention there is a very short prologue game about Lee in specific, if that's something you're interested in. (It's with the bundle too!)

Have an awesome week! :D


Hi, I just played this game and… oh my god! I loved it so much.

I have SO much I want to gush about, but I’ll try to keep this spoiler free and not too long haha.

I’m already so invested in the world and the characters. The game had such a good blend of comedy, spookiness, and emotional moments as well. The story and lore being introduced flowed so well. I loved that you were able to throw the player into the middle of a quest, yet everything made sense and I didn’t feel alienated or overly confused at all. I also loved playing through the prologue immediately after and just seeing how things were connected to one another. I’m not the best at writing reviews, so sorry to sound repetitive, but I cannot express just how much I truly adored every single element to this story.

The game itself was also such a fun challenge! It wasn’t too easy, but it also wasn’t too hard. I got stumped a few times, but it was never anything I got too frustrated trying to figure out.

I’m so excited to see any future installments to this series. This game seriously blew me away and is definitely a huge highlight to the bundle I purchased it in.

I’m just… wow!!! I’m so excited to see more of these characters, of this story, and of this world! It’s all so fascinating. Also the fantasy elements and overall setting to everything are so *chef’s kiss*


Thank you so much for this lovely comment! This makes me so happy to read and makes me so motivated for the next game too-- which I hope will come out sometime in 2021! (That's my plan at least!)

I'm also so pleased to hear you checked out the prologue and liked that too. X)

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I really love this game!!! It was really funny with just the right touches of seriousness, and I love the characters and art style! I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store for Lee and Beracus next!

Thank you so much! I'm so excited to hear this! Hoping to get the second game out sometime in 2021. :)

I loved this game!! It was so well-written! It was a little difficult at times, and it might have benefitted from a hint system. There were spots where you'd find a clue which would change something else, but there was no clues as to what in the dialogue. I don't know if that made sense but I wound up checking everything because I didn't know what was changed. 

Past that, great game! I really enjoyed it!

Thank you for playing, I'm glad you liked the game!

Right now I don't have any plans for a patch for this game unless it's for bugs, BUT I will absolutely take what you said into the sequel to this game and try to apply it, and I will also keep what you aid in mind for if this game ever gets a slight re-master. (Right now I'm just more focused on trying to get the next game out sometime next year!)

Have an awesome day!

I think I need help.

(maybe spoilers?)

So I found this game yesterday and I absolutely love it, but now I'm stuck I can't get the True ending or the ending where Beracus dies. Can someone help me? I really love this game and I want to play it with out missing anything.

Also I think I found a glitch. 

After beating  the game and getting the normal ending, it told me I had gotten all 8 endings even though I had only gotten The endings where Lee dies, the normal ending and the Who? ending. ( btw This is also how I found out about the other two endings that I haven't gotten. )

Hi there!

First of all, thanks a bunch for picking up the game! I really appreciate it and am honored you wanna pursue all the endings.

It's my policy not to give away the exacts of how to get an ending publicly, but I can give you some hints. The True Ending can be achieved by being careful what you use and say in the bunker-- some items you can keep, and some things must be done in a specific order. Or, there's a hidden way to cheat it in... uh-oh!

With Beracus dying, you'll also need a specific item (something... dangerous) and Lee needs to be in a state where he wouldn't care if Beracus lives or dies. This is a tougher one to get, as it's more specific, but again, you could secretly cheat it in, if you know how!

As for the endings glitch: I've heard of one other person with this problem and I'm truly not sure how it could be happening. The endings only have ONE place where they are triggered to go off, and so you should HAVE to get to that place in the script for the game for it to work.

Do you mind letting me know: If you're playing the Itchio version of the game? If so, is it for PC, Mac or Linux? Or are you on the Steam version of the game? Have you ever had any version of the game prior? (The update before this for example, or a beta test file?) This will help me in fixing the problem.

Thanks so so much!

I have read some of the other comments here so I know that i need some other items for the endings. Could you tell me about the items I need if I give you my email?

 I got the game on steam and I have never downloaded any version of it before this. I hope this helps. :)

I will tell you about the items if you give me your e-mail, yes.

Follow-up question: did the endings activate inside the game (the internal endings list) or was it in the Steam achievements list where they activated?

Because I had one other person say all of the achievements went off at once and I have no idea what could have caused it; as this is my first game on steam and the back end of Steam isn't the most graceful, to put it nicely. I will have to try and address this in my next patch, I have literally no clue what could be causing it. @u@;

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My email is 

The 8/8 showed up in both steam and the game.  

Okay, good to know, thank you! I will be addressing the issue this weekend and putting out a patch. It probably won't retroactively effect your game though, and you'll most likely keep the achievements. Sorry about that!

I'll send you an e-mail now.


I only have one verdict for this game: I LOVE IT!

I loved everything, the characters, puzzles, lore, and what excites me the most is that there will be more games in the future.

The characters are endearing, charming, and realistic; I love every interaction of the protagonists between them or with the other characters (They have made me laugh a lot), and that the relationship between them is related to the endings, it seems sensational and logical.

What I liked most about the characters, is that they are literally two opposite poles, both in appearance and personality, ideals, morals (Although to be exact, we don´t fully know Lee's personality due to his condition), and even goals in life; it makes their interactions deeper and makes me want to see where they will go with their story.

The puzzles aren´t terribly complicated but they make you think, not to mention that the comments of Lee and Beracus are hilarious, I never got bored of it (Even when I had to repeat game to get another ending).

The lore about the game, although it may not seem like it, these events take place in several different places (Where Lee's family lives, the cave of this game, the Villa of Beracus), places with different cultures and ways, as well as mysteries and other events to discover (The curse of Lee, or the events of the skeleton family), forming a base on the Lore and the game world, in addition that Lee has been traveling for a long time, we will surely hear more stories about the world ( We don´t know if the world takes place in the same world of Solanaceae or another comic or game).

I want to know more about this world.

I don´t lie in saying that I am very excited that there will be a sequel in the future (I already know that it will come out by 2021 or 2022 but I am willing to wait), and I really want to see the eccentric adventures of this duo.

PS: I don't usually like the games or stories of two fellow protagonists without romance (Whatever their genre), but this is a nice exception...

 Besides that you never know if there may be romance in the future (Even if there isn't, I'm going to keep loving the game<3).


Thanks so much for playing and thanks AGAIN for such a lovely and glowing review! I appreciate hearing your thoughts on every aspect!

I'm so glad to hear the writing made you laugh (I try very hard to do that) and that the puzzles weren't too complex. With this game, I wanted something that didn't feel too easy, but wasn't really difficult either. Just something fun to pick up that was interesting to read and get through! So I'm glad it seemed to fill that niche for you.

There's lots more lore for these characters and world that will be explored in the future! I won't spoil anything!

But, I can confirm that this world is stand-alone, meaning it has no connection to Solanaceae, Space School, Tomai, or any of my other series. It is it's own world with it's own set of very specific rules!

Thanks again and I'm excited to bring you the next 3 games in this series, whenever they may happen! X) 💖

I only make these kind of comments when the game is worth it.

So you have every right to feel proud and even brag XD.

I am glad to know that this world will be unique and you will teach us more of its lore in the future, and it makes me even happier that there are more secrets and stories of the protagonists to discover.

But a part of me feared that the world was unique, don't get me wrong, I don't think it's a bad thing nor am I against it, but I'm a sucker for crossovers.

Anyway, I will wait patiently for the next game, while I will follow your comics.

Thank you for your patience and dedication<3<3<3<3.


Aw gosh! Well I'm honored the game is worth it!

Yes, the world is unique but worry not, I actually make crossover stuff now and again for my Patrons, just for fun or for milestone rewards. Here's one comic I've made and then here's another! (And hey, the Solanaceae: Epilogue game will actually have some fun crossover type stuff in the future! So look out for that!)

And I'm also working on ANOTHER crossover comic as we speak, hehe. So you've got plenty to look forward to in that department, just not in this game series in particular! X)

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm! I'm gonna keep making fun stuff for you to enjoy!

I already read all those, and I loved them deeply<3<3<3<3.

But I was referring to a complete original story, like one of those good/bad crossovers movies.

Examples: The Avengers, Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, King Kong vs Godzilla, Rugrats Go Wild, Alien vs Predator, and etc...

Although I don't complain about your crossovers, I love them, please, keep doing them (^///^).

P.D .: In your new crossover will appear the characters of One-Eyed Lee, and Tomai (And other new characters)?

Honestly, I would like to see them interact with others, it seems fun XD.

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Oh, yay, thank you!

And oh! I see! I unfortunately don't have any big crossover projects like that planned, cuz it's not really what I focus on, but I can see the appeal!

And yeah, in the new comic the Tomai crew and Lee and Beracus appear, but they don't interact much, mostly they interact with Battam and Sal! (The comic mostly focuses on what characters I drew the most of in 2019!)

I can say with confidence that most of my characters uhh, do not like Lee because he's overbearing and a bit... creepy, haha. The sad truth!

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Played this on Steam and really enjoyed it! I always love your art, and I thought the puzzles hit that sweet spot where you have to think a bit but you don't feel like giving up and checking a guide.

Noticed a few bugs; nothing game-breaking as far as I could tell, but just FYI.

  • In the room with the fireplace, after you pick up the poker but before you cut open the animal's mouth, when you click on something else the poker shows up again.
  • After Priscilla moves to the living room, there doesn't seem to be a flag that you've already asked her about the puzzle; the option shows up again and after you exit the dialogue you appear back at the entrance where she used to be.
  • If you examine the items in the safe after putting the painting together, you pick up a duplicate Piece D.
  • The first time you read James's note about the password, it refers to the "party hall," but in the diary and when you examine the note again, it refers to the "dining room."
  • Typo, not a bug, but "someone with a bad memory, or someone trying to be discrete" should be "discreet."

Let me know if save files or screenshots would help.


Thanks for playing and thanks for reporting some bugs! These bugs are QUITE odd though because they all look like bugs I've address before? Really strange! Games tend to be like that though.

I'll write all of these down and once I compile a few more (people simply aren't playing and commenting enough for me to know of bugs, uh oh) I'll release an update.

Oh! A tiny review on Steam would be great btw, since you mentioned you've played it there! If you don't mind, there's no pressure but I figured it doesn't hurt to ask.

(Also, I'm glad the puzzles hit a sweet spot! That's what I was going for!)

No problem, I'll write a review once I finish getting all the endings =)

And that is odd. Did Steam accidentally get an older build? If not, let me know if I can help pinpoint the conditions for any of those bugs.

Aw yay, thank you! :D

Also, no, I don't think Steam got an older build, I think that these bugs look similar to bugs I've already fixed, but are under even more specific circumstances than the original, so they are peeking their heads out. They all seem like very very easy fixes.

(And some are just stuff I straight up missed, it happens! When you go from kinetic novels to all of a sudden making a point-and-click, I'm just glad my game works at all, lol!


The bugs you reported have been addressed, there should be new files to download now if you want the updated version! Thanks again!

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(somewhat spoiler)

im very eager to see how lee deals with his fam issues. he's so well written i love how he hates bread  and his face contorts when hes thinking about personal subjects. when his eyes get fuzzy and his smile is strained you can tell its the emotions being repressed that are trying to get out. and his age maaaate, that makes it more tragic. the interaction with his family that might happen in future games is very well built,  i love the tension.  and im curious as to when you think the next game will take to finish, that is if you've started it already. i cant wait :D

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hey! Thanks a bunch for another lovely comment// I'm so flattered and happy to hear you like the games and are thinking about Lee :D

You're quite spot on about him and without saying too much, I think you'll be pleased with the next 3 games. (This series is 4 games in total)

I won't be working on the next Lee's game AT ALL in 2020 since it took up my entire 2019 to finish, which is a bummer b/c I actively work on other games. For 2020, I will be working on updates to the Solanaceae: Epilogue gameas well as working on a few (tiny) kinetic novels.

Comics are my full time job while games are a side thing for me, but the more support my comics and games get, the less time I have to work on even MORE side stuff like commissions-- so I'm hoping this game does well enough on Steam that I can put in an extra day of game dev in the future.

PHEW! That was a wall of text, sorry! 

TLDR: I won't be working on any real game dev for the second Lee's game in 2020, but I do know what the game is about and what will happen with it. (I know the general whole story of all 4 games, so) In 2021 or 2022 is when I plan to start real production on the next game.

All I can say at the moment without spoiling too much is that it takes place in a casino. I hope you'll look forward to it! :D

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this game is so nice, i love the art, the music and the little details , how the interactions can vary depending on how you act.  but i need some help , im stumped. i've managed to get 6/8 endings  (spoiler alert)

lee drowned, lee was poisoned, normal ending, lee died (fight wt james), lee exploded, and the 'who?' end with the help from the spirit one. ive been at it for practically two days and its just impossible :'^/


You're missing the "True Ending" and the "Beracus Died" ending!

To get the true ending, you'll need to think very carefully about how you proceed thru the bunker. You need to bring two items with you to the boss battle (think about what items you could keep, or maybe an item you never got? Maybe something that vanished because you did something too soon?)

And for the Beracus Died ending, it correlates with a certain item you can keep into the boss battle. <-- This one is by far the most specific and difficult, forgive me!

I hope this helps, if not I can be EVEN MORE CLEAR with how to get stuff, but I will need to contact you privately to do it ;)

Thanks so so much for checking out the game and for your lovely comment <3

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(spoilers as well )

i was once able to get the scissors but i forgot how,  my email is i need directions sensei. teach me your ways

I will e-mail you!


Sent you the e-mail! Good luck!

Hello! I'm a huge fan of the game and have the same issue! I'm not sure what to do - maybe Beracus just isn't meant to die by my hand? :,D

You can e-mail me at if you want to know exactly how to get all the endings! <3 I don't post ending stuff publicly, but am not against others sharing what they have found, of course.

This is an awesome puzzle game, highly recommended! The characters and story are very interesting, with the illustrations and soundtrack all making for a ~spooky~ atmosphere. Amazing work, DCS!!

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!! This comment makes me so happy to get <3

Just made an account and glad to have this as my first game!! I had such a good time figuring everything out and every time I needed a tip it turned into a "duh" moment, so all the puzzles are actually really comprehensive, if thought about the right way ;Dc

Ahhh, and I love the characters so much too <3 <3

10/10, would cri about skellies (and Lee) again

Aw gosh, thank you so so much!

This is my first ever puzzle game so it's nice to get a comment like this! I wanted something that was "casual" but didn't feel so easy that it wasn't fun-- but more so a game where you felt like you achieved something and got to see conclusions for characters and a story you care about!

So yeah, thanks so much for your support and wonderful comment!!! :D

YAS YAS YAAAASSSSS. I have been patiently waiting for this game, and the finished version looks GORGEOUS. Love the music, love the characters, love the puzzles. Just the right amount of difficulty for me! I'm so excited that you finished and thank you so much for making this beautiful lovely game!!!

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!! <3333 I'm so glad to finally be able to show the finished product to you!