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Beracus and Lee finally have a lead to more information for a potential cure for Beracus' suffering village. 

Upon finding the entrance to an apparently abandoned bunker, the two abruptly become trapped inside and discover the place is still very much lived in by a family of cult members who also happen to be skeletons. (Uh-oh.)
The family mistakes Lee and Beracus for cult members who are simply "late to the party" so to speak, and give them free reign to explore the bunker as they all wait for the surface to become the "New World". (Uh-oh!)

Of course, Beracus and Lee don't have that kind of time! Not only do they need food, water, and air to simply survive, they must return to the surface to continue their search for an the all important cure.
Together they must talk to the skeleton family to discover important information, find clues, collect items, and try to uncover and understand the tragedies that turned this simple bunker, into a tomb.

  • Point and click your way through a mysterious bunker!
  • Uncover the horrifying events that happened there...
  • Get to know (and love or hate) 5 unique cult members!
  • Get to know, guide, and ultimately judge, your pal One-Eyed Lee!
  • Casual, easy to pick up puzzles
  • 8 different endings!
  • 3-4 hours for each complete playthrough
  • Completely original art, story, and soundtrack
  • Available for Windows, Mac, Linux

WARNING: This game contains screen shakes, depictions of death, depictions of skeletons/bones, scoptophobia, swearing, and general spooky vibes.

Hey! I'm DCS! A queer comic artist and game dev who enjoys spooky vibes and character conflict.
This is the first in a hopefully four part series of games featuring Beracus and Lee. As the story continues, we will learn more about both of them, and learn more of Beracus' journey to save his village. Will Lee stay by his side and help him? Will Lee leave? Will Lee even be the answer Beracus oh so hopes him to be? We'll find out!

This game features an original soundtrack created by NomnomNami!
The soundtrack can be enjoyed streaming on Soundcloud, or bought directly from Nami on her Bandcamp!

Nami also helped with huge chunks of code for the game, and without her this game would not be possible. Thank you, Nami!

More Information
🆗 Let's Plays, streams, and general commentary videos are all A-OK to make! So is fanart, fanfic, cosplay, and generally any fan made work. All I ask for is a link back to the game, please and thank you.

Updated 4 days ago
Published 13 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Made withRen'Py, Adobe Photoshop, Audacity, Paint Tool SAI
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

One-Eyed Lee and the Dinner Party PC (or Linux) 265 MB
One-Eyed Lee and the Dinner Party MAC 247 MB
One-Eyed Lee and the Dinner Party [Art Book PDF, 60 Pages] 43 MB
if you pay $7.99 USD or more
One-Eyed Lee and the Dinner Party Original Soundtrack (9 Tracks, MP3) 34 MB
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(somewhat spoiler)

im very eager to see how lee deals with his fam issues. he's so well written i love how he hates bread  and his face contorts when hes thinking about personal subjects. when his eyes get fuzzy and his smile is strained you can tell its the emotions being repressed that are trying to get out. and his age maaaate, that makes it more tragic. the interaction with his family that might happen in future games is very well built,  i love the tension.  and im curious as to when you think the next game will take to finish, that is if you've started it already. i cant wait :D

(1 edit)

hey! Thanks a bunch for another lovely comment// I'm so flattered and happy to hear you like the games and are thinking about Lee :D

You're quite spot on about him and without saying too much, I think you'll be pleased with the next 3 games. (This series is 4 games in total)

I won't be working on the next Lee's game AT ALL in 2020 since it took up my entire 2019 to finish, which is a bummer b/c I actively work on other games. For 2020, I will be working on updates to the Solanaceae: Epilogue gameas well as working on a few (tiny) kinetic novels.

Comics are my full time job while games are a side thing for me, but the more support my comics and games get, the less time I have to work on even MORE side stuff like commissions-- so I'm hoping this game does well enough on Steam that I can put in an extra day of game dev in the future.

PHEW! That was a wall of text, sorry! 

TLDR: I won't be working on any real game dev for the second Lee's game in 2020, but I do know what the game is about and what will happen with it. (I know the general whole story of all 4 games, so) In 2021 or 2022 is when I plan to start real production on the next game.

All I can say at the moment without spoiling too much is that it takes place in a casino. I hope you'll look forward to it! :D

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this game is so nice, i love the art, the music and the little details , how the interactions can vary depending on how you act.  but i need some help , im stumped. i've managed to get 6/8 endings  (spoiler alert)

lee drowned, lee was poisoned, normal ending, lee died (fight wt james), lee exploded, and the 'who?' end with the help from the spirit one. ive been at it for practically two days and its just impossible :'^/


You're missing the "True Ending" and the "Beracus Died" ending!

To get the true ending, you'll need to think very carefully about how you proceed thru the bunker. You need to bring two items with you to the boss battle (think about what items you could keep, or maybe an item you never got? Maybe something that vanished because you did something too soon?)

And for the Beracus Died ending, it correlates with a certain item you can keep into the boss battle. <-- This one is by far the most specific and difficult, forgive me!

I hope this helps, if not I can be EVEN MORE CLEAR with how to get stuff, but I will need to contact you privately to do it ;)

Thanks so so much for checking out the game and for your lovely comment <3

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(spoilers as well )

i was once able to get the scissors but i forgot how,  my email is waterfall.strict@yahoo.com i need directions sensei. teach me your ways

I will e-mail you!


Sent you the e-mail! Good luck!

This is an awesome puzzle game, highly recommended! The characters and story are very interesting, with the illustrations and soundtrack all making for a ~spooky~ atmosphere. Amazing work, DCS!!

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!! This comment makes me so happy to get <3

Just made an account and glad to have this as my first game!! I had such a good time figuring everything out and every time I needed a tip it turned into a "duh" moment, so all the puzzles are actually really comprehensive, if thought about the right way ;Dc

Ahhh, and I love the characters so much too <3 <3

10/10, would cri about skellies (and Lee) again

Aw gosh, thank you so so much!

This is my first ever puzzle game so it's nice to get a comment like this! I wanted something that was "casual" but didn't feel so easy that it wasn't fun-- but more so a game where you felt like you achieved something and got to see conclusions for characters and a story you care about!

So yeah, thanks so much for your support and wonderful comment!!! :D

YAS YAS YAAAASSSSS. I have been patiently waiting for this game, and the finished version looks GORGEOUS. Love the music, love the characters, love the puzzles. Just the right amount of difficulty for me! I'm so excited that you finished and thank you so much for making this beautiful lovely game!!!

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!! <3333 I'm so glad to finally be able to show the finished product to you!