Tomai Stretch Goals!

Hey ya’ll! I’m very excited to announce the Tomai stretch goals– whoa!

Tomai is absolutely free to play in it’s entirety– these would just be fun extra stories we patch in! Yay!

If you’d like to help Tomai get more content added to it, here’s some helpful links!

All of these stretch goals work together– so if you help one, you’re more likely helping the other!

Let’s work together to reach these goals! THANK YOU EVERYONE!

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May I ask if the stretch goals have been met? thanks!

There's actually an update about the stretch goals right here! (As of right now, we've reached two and are VERY close to another two.)

Both Ivan (the writer) and I (the artist) have had a lot of personal stuff going on though so actual production has been pushed back a bit-- but we're planning on working on the stretch goal featuring Tomai's Mom, first!

Despite the wait I know all of them are gonna be really fun-- but we appreciate everyone's patience!